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    Church of the Rape Spider

    Church of Pallas will now be the Church of the Rape Spider. Is a Factionless Church. That accepts those who want to be part of the Church. The Rape Spider Accepts Donations. Most of the Church is a Secret except its members. Our Bible is only for those in the Church to Spread the Will of the...
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    Sunday Service Update

    Archbishop Hoxley Devlin brought up a great point the other day to turn this Sunday Service into a forum Event because we dont have a church building ingame yet and with CPC not having Crime update we thought it would be harder for them to Protect out Church. Archbishop Hoxley Devlin Will start...
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    Holiday Sunday Service

    We Welcome all to the first MR and Church Sunday Service and won't be the last! When it gets time We will point out which Trail and building it is! All UC donations will happen after Service and will be givin to the Security Personel that Helped Protect our Service.
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    The Brotherhood Ad #1

    Join FoE Join The Brotherhood
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    Transfer in Leadership

    Scrivener Sect. After the Service I did in Sect. and the Black Market I Officially Transferred Leadership of Sect. to JC Denton. After being in Sect and Leading I determined that JC Denton would do a more Service to FoE then I could. I am NOT stepping down from FoE HC. I am Transferring to...
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    *redacted* *information lost*
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    Hai Patrick Uth Here

    Former CMG R4/R5 in old FoM then in FOTD: Leader the the Faction The Lost for a bit Former Member of Bunnylicious as Lazy Bunny and a few other things