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    Ideas to make UC Downtown more valuable

    Some nice points, downtown is due for some big adjustments to the layout, we already have industrial coming which will be the main UC hub, for now, downtown will likely get vaulted after that since it doesn't serve much of a purpose.
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    Community Input - General Player Progression

    Revisiting this thread, curious to see updated opinions after the pre-alpha has been live for half a year now.
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    This community isn't even toxic

    stop derailing the thread u degenerates
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    This community isn't even toxic

    I was quite toxic but then I became a made man. As Cad said, the $35 wall is keeping most of the toxicity out, which is one of the main reasons it's there at the current moment, or else we would be swarmed.
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    Questions & Answers for Mankind Reborn

    It's getting wiped multiple times before release.
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    Discussion: Development Update #19

    It's meant to force players to disable their territory protection for an entire cycle
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    Discussion: Development Update #19

    You can find it here: Development Update #19
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    Discussion around the resource shortage mechanics

    I agree the current system is a bit too extreme, I'll be making some adjustments.
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    Let's talk TTK,"FoMbat", and Mankind Reborn

    First section is my response
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    RE: 11/6/20 Discord suggestions chat

    Lots of important topics were covered so I felt a forum thread would be a better response to avoid getting lost in discord, the thread will be locked to keep discussions going in their respective areas. - Combat Let's start with the technical reasons on why high TTK, hit detection, and movement...
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    what what

    what what
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    wheres my devblog

    wheres my devblog
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    Cargo Shuttle: Train robberies

    I like this idea and have had it planned out for years now, although I wouldn't use it for the main storage transportation since like hepo said, it wouldn't be good for the average joe. I'm thinking this would fit better with the "active" methods of ecoing, such as controlling a...
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    On the clans

    Hey there, Will be making a compilation of most opinions/ideas/suggestions made of faction mechanics/exclusives, etc, from this thread and the other ones that have been talking about faction related stuff. There's a lot of information to sift through and I want to make sure I grab everyone's...
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    Lets talk about Ecoing, and AFK farming.

    I thought about making a new thread, but I'd rather keep the discussion going here. Here's some of the stuff regarding ecoing that I've compiled. I want to take baby steps with new eco stuff since what we have now works at a very basic level and I want to keep fleshing out the current system...
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    Discussion: Development Update #18

    Yeah I agree, I've been clinging on to the PMOD items because I believe there might be some use in them and would like to not scrap the system, we'll figure something out.
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    Discussion: Development Update #18

    You can find it here: Development Update #18