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    Grehvini Fawcid reporting in

    Sure do. Welcome back m8
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    What's up!?

    yo 5char
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    "Ruining the FoM for everyone" I see what you did there. So many names. I can't help it, these videos always make me wonder what happened to them.
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    This community isn't even toxic

    Totally forgot this ever happened because it was so quick lmao.
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    Praise Pallas.
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    Operation Safety Helmet

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    Old FDC here

    Sup boo
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    What games are you playing?

    R6 Siege and Squad currently.
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    Nudity Censorship

    random penises like in rust pls.
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    Make Caudwell great again. Caudwell 2018!
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    I remember that conflict, playing both sides with my alts. The beef was good. Man, I miss those days.
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    Combat Discussion

    I have yet to try it. But THIS. 100% I agree with.
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    combat footage

    Man. I wouldn't fight my fights the other way.
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    I'm here, my dudes.

    Welcome back!
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    What Faction Are You Joining?

    Got your back fam.
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    combat footage

    Hype train is at full speed. Outstanding work gentlemen. In such a short amount of time. It's amazing. Well done. Will we be able to switch to first person like in old FoM too?
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    FOM Screenshots & Videos

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    American Superiority

    Normal, if there was no America, your call centre would have no customer base. And you'd be homeless.