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  1. Jade Star

    Bless Online

    Anyone here going to be buying this/playing it? Not much coming out MMO wise this summer so I might pick it up and have a summer fling with it.
  2. Jade Star

    Getting In Shape

    So like more than half of us are probably a bit more thicccker than what we should be maybe liiike 40+lbs more than what we should be. What steps are you taking to get back to being fit/healthy and what keeps you motivated? I've tried a few times signing up for the gym, but every time, I go for...
  3. Jade Star

    Privilege Removal

    I believe when it comes to removing problematic people from factions their shouldn't be faction kicking, just having your privileges removed like original FOM. There should be a max time to how long you have to wait to get your privileges back, like for example 30 days until you can join back...
  4. Jade Star


    Its that spooky time of the year again, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. What will you be doing this Halloween? What are some of your favorite spooky games, shows, movies that you like playing/watching? What about any spooky experiences with Gh00OOoosssst....or worse? teheheee I have a...
  5. Jade Star

    Weight to Character Movement

    I would like to see some weight to character movement like when you take your hands off the keyboard and your character stops running he/she shouldn't stop on a dime, this is not a typical FPS game, it should take a step or two before coming to a complete stop. It would be cool if characters...
  6. Jade Star

    What Faction Are You Joining?

    As of right now we know there is going to be 5 different factions LED/FDC mix, Criminals, Mercs, Miners and crafters. So which one are you going to join? I'm not sure which one I'm going to join at this point kinda wish we could make our own factions since I never meshed well within most regular...
  7. Jade Star

    Oh Hi <3

    Wow just wow so no one tells me about this; I just found out about this today. How long HOW LONG has this been going on behind my back? BioXide making this? Awwww he came such a long way, I hope something good comes out of this, I can't wait!