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  1. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2023

    Applied some animation update rate optimizations to characters/wearables Fixed an issue with territory controllers not capturing the correct territory Possible fix for ballistic sniper contract Fixed an issue when transferring items to the same world you're in locking the storage transfer until...
  2. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2021

    Industrial is finally gameplay ready with territories and services, it includes: Storage, ATM, Medical, Mining, Production, Travel and Workbenches, alongside some real estate, which will be expanded further Huge improvements to Industrial performance, especially on Ultra shadows Huge...
  3. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2018

    More industrial tweaks/perf improvements Fixed an issue with temporary storage getting nuked after every vort out/save data Possible fix for storage not being referenced properly and not allowing to purchase upgrades Fixed speed text % not updating
  4. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2015

    Fixed server crash caused by gamesparks data randomly corrupting during storage transfers Fixed fog issue on industrial, more perf improvements
  5. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2008

    Refactored the entire player save and load system to use the new frontier method, this will allow a quick and easy transition to the new backend once the time comes and also allow future proof any new thing that might need backend persistence (crime datapads, cpc database, etc) Heavily improved...
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    Oh hi, didn't see you there.

    Oh hi, didn't see you there.
  7. Necidious

    Why howdy.

    Why howdy.
  8. Necidious

    Why hello there.

    Why hello there.
  9. Necidious

    Discussion: Development Update #19

    Welp, that isn't good! :( Please use the support system so we can assist you further.
  10. Necidious

    Event suggestions

    Nice thread, @Hari Seldon! Cleaned up the thread a bit for you.
  11. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1947

    Increased randomization range for weather patterns, they should take longer to change weather patterns now Adjusted combat music volume Fixed carbon having incorrect weight value Fixed clothing items not merging properly Fixed scan penalizing giving 0 penalty points Fixed certain production...
  12. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1914 & 0.1920

    Name changes have been disabled, you can only change your name when you first create your character, after that you'll have to send a support ticket to change your name with a valid reason, even then there will be a limit on name changing Can keep your faction and rank during recreating your...
  13. Necidious

    Other Styles of combat.

    Cleaned this thread up a bit. Please stay on-topic and do not derail. The developers use these types of threads to improve the game, so it would be a shame if we would have to close this thread due to the actions of some.
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    Hey now?

    Hey now?
  15. Necidious

    Get'er done.

    Welcome home.
  16. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1895 & Patch 0.1898

    Patch 0.1895 Implemented deployable containers, Hidden Stash, Cooler, Garbage Bin, Barrel, Personal Locker(Only the owner can use it) and Faction Locker(Only factions can use them, but can adjust security settings to open them to other players), lockers can't be hacked and have to be destroyed...
  17. Necidious

    Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1890

    Implants now don't decrease durability on damage Daily welfare has been added, if you login everyday you'll receive 10k UC, it will be paid out during the server restart Flipped T1/T3 auto rifles spread values, T1 should have T3 spread Decreased auto rifles firing speed Adjusted augmentation...
  18. Necidious

    It’s been so long

    Welcome to the fun house!
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