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  1. Shakespears

    U af TikTok?

    If you are on TikTok, feel free to drop your username in here if you dare. Mine's becoming borderline mongaloid Clanking Crusader - @beenusdewifye
  2. Shakespears

    Voice presets

    I wanted to offer a suggestion for the case of multiple voice presets in character creation. Basically there would be a few options of voice choices for your character. Each would have different sounding voices for basic voice commands similar like FOM had(if we have them) as well as...
  3. Shakespears

    Community Input - Events, Holidays, and Faction Traditions

    On discord a few people were discussing things about coming up with events, holidays, and faction traditions in Mankind Reborn in order to further flesh out the story and atmosphere elements. This thread is to serve as an outlet for community comprised suggestions in regards to the above. I'll...
  4. Shakespears

    Bulk transport passes/discounts

    This is two pretty straight forward ideas for "money sinks" that you could potentially profit from in the long run 1. Bulk storage transportation deal. You would be X amount for a 15%-25% reduction in transport fees for your entire faction on a specific colony to colony path. This would last...
  5. Shakespears

    New Mercenary Faction Name *Updated*

    The poll above the current list of names for the new mercenary faction. Please vote(2 votes per person) for the name(s) you think might work the best. Thank you
  6. Shakespears

    AI Controlled Transportation

    Rather than just having warp nodes and gravity elevators, I'd like to just having automated transport services on a schedule like subways, trains, hovercraft, etc. This would add more elements to not just getting around the map quicker but also avenues for tactics in combat. A load of guys...
  7. Shakespears

    Diplomatic Agreements/Truces for Relations

    In order to bring further discussion and diplomacy between factions, I'd like to suggest further interactive relation avenues between factions. In FOM there was the options such as ally, neutral, eco enemy, enemy, etc. As well as tax options for each. In order to expand on this further...
  8. Shakespears

    TU Contributions / Rewards (money sink)

    In keeping with money sink ideas, I've thought of another that's similar to faction pools and loyalty points discussed in the faction mechanics thread. In short, the ideal is to "donate/give" specific items to The Terran Union "faction pool"(not actually accessible or real) that lore wise would...
  9. Shakespears

    Lockdown (money sink)

    A simple money sink idea that could prove useful would be a colony lockdown option. For a large sum of credits, a colony owner could activate a colony lockdown. The lockdown would consist of locking all node entries but 1 or 2. All "security" doors would be raised to the highest level. All...
  10. Shakespears

    Equipment Durability Loss Effects

    I know we've talked a few times in other threads about potential repairs and such but I'm not sure how easily done this suggestion could be implemented. In order to have equipment repairs to be more practical and demanding, I'd like to suggest effects from durability loss. A few brief examples...
  11. Shakespears

    Where are they now, do you know?

    So this thread is pretty straight forward and simple. The objective here is to post a name(s) of people you wish would come back from FOM but you don't know how to contact them directly yourself. As the years went by, many fom players developed networks to stay in touch. By posting the person's...
  12. Shakespears

    Jump booster / Jetpack

    So with the news of larger colonies and potential vehicles, I figured the discussion for some sort of jump booster or jetpack wouldn't be out of the question. Let me start off by saying that the item(s) have to have a limiting factor such as consumes bio or for a jetpack it works in...
  13. Shakespears

    Faction "exclusive weapons/tools"

    Now before people instantly go BLAH EXCLUSIVES, let me say it would work like the rest of the production modules that are more faction specific, located within the faction hq, but not truly faction locked so to speak. Most of these wouldn't be anything all that special or too useful except for...
  14. Shakespears

    The serious thread about terrorism tactics

    After discussing things in discord today, I felt this thread should be made in order to present a serious discussion about terrorism tactics to be implemented in Mankind Reborn. (Since @Linkthehobo won't) Since we're talking about a future setting, most go to type of explosives could easily be...
  15. Shakespears

    Who are you going be?

    Since MR is not FOM, are you going to remake your old character (s) from FOM or will you start a whole new slate with a new name so to speak? This is meant in regards to in game characters, not forum names obviously. I'm just curious to the general consensus on this so to speak. I know I'm...
  16. Shakespears

    Them darn civilians need to get jobs

    As we're seeing factions becoming fleshed out, I figured I'd toss out some ideas of what some of those weird non faction types could do, perhaps we could even some exclusive items for them as well. I'm curious what others can come up with as well. Mind you, this is just to see what we can come...
  17. Shakespears

    "horror" based aspects

    In a post(couldn't remember where) bioxide mentioned something like there would be some "horror/spooky" aspects to the game. I guess all I'm asking for is mainly atmospheric elements being used for the most part rather than quick "jump scares". In order to better elaborate, a looming sense of...
  18. Shakespears

    What's your immersion level?

    Pretty simple thread just to hear how immersed people tend to get with their in character role-play so to speak. Obviously due to things like discord/ts3/ventrilo, it's tough to maintain a solid in character mind but how many people play their character as themselves or as their own individual...
  19. Shakespears

    Medical/healing Options

    We are all aware how critical the medical mechanics are to combat but I think a switch up of things could make feel better. I'm just kind of brainstorming here so they're just ideas to think about and discuss. stimpack/injector - Heals maybe 1/4 health over a 10 seconds or so. This would work...
  20. Shakespears

    Nudity Censorship

    While the nudity is good for the whole strip club thing, I think a censoring option has to not only be available but also default. I know age verification could be a pain to enforce but i think legally there could be issues if things aren't covered well and not everyone is going to be able to...