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  1. LordAdder

    Face of Mankind Legacy Project

    Some time ago, I realized that all the websites and what not for Face of Mankind were going to most likely get deleted due to their antiquity. I figured I would try and save at least the information of the Game's lore and similar information at least by transcribing the text onto word documents...
  2. LordAdder

    Drug Addiction?

    I had an idea for drug addiction that would encourage the purchasing of drugs outside of a "role play" situation. Not sure if this has been posted before or if the subject has been raised. I was wondering if this would be a useful process for maintaining a drug dealing system between producer...
  3. LordAdder

    John D. Adder

    ===Character Profile=== *Decrypted* --------- Name: Johnathan "John" Darlington Adder Age: 20 Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Current Status: *In Transit to TDC Recruitment Center* Background: Johnathan Darlington Adder was born in the year [REDACTED] AD to a small nuclear family that spent many...
  4. LordAdder

    Improvement Toggling crouch while zoomed in

    Build Version: 167 Location: Everywhere Description: While zoomed in with a weapon in third person, unable to toggle the crouch. Using the MDS Executive Reproduction steps: 1. Grab Weapon 2. Equip Weapon 3. Hold right click 4. Pressing C does not toggle crouch
  5. LordAdder

    What do you watch?

    Been watching a show on Syfy called the Expanse and I love it. Only able to watch season 1 atm. So I was thinking, what do you guys and gals watch in your free time?
  6. LordAdder

    Fixed Steel Alloy Production Bug

    So I decided to start making some steel alloy. I mined the materials and bought enough schematics to make 5 units of Steel Alloy. At first I made one unit of steel alloy and tested the production. That worked fine. Then I put the rest of my 4 schematics into the production terminal and the...
  7. LordAdder

    Chat Modes

    So I've played a lot of RP gamemodes on GarrysMod (Sue me) and a lot of them implemented a local text chat. I THINK I recall FoM having something like this (But It might be the Alzheimer's messing up with my memory.) Anyway, I know where's a thread about in game local voice, but I want to...
  8. LordAdder

    Any Musicians?

    I was curious how many musicians (or a least dabblers in one or another instrument) are on our MR Forums. If so, what do you play and who inspired you to play the instrument you chose?
  9. LordAdder

    *Jumps Down* "Hello There."

    I played FoM on and off since I first heard of it in around 2010. Man, I miss that game now and I regret not getting more into it. Probably one of the reasons many of us are here, both the nostalgia factor and a desire to support people who want to revive something we all loved. I always...
  10. LordAdder

    Forum Faction Banners?

    So... I was wondering if there could be some generic Faction Banners for people to have in their signatures. I've seen people around with some faction oriented banners and they probably made them. I am only partially versed in Microsoft paint as can be seen in my Signature, but can someone...