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  1. Hepopotan

    Suggestions for Future in MR

    I agree with the 3rd point as it might help with creating colonies that can act as pseudo hub worlds for players and provide a little bit of safety for new players. It'd also probably be easy to write into the lore, with respect to having these colonies hard-coded with PP generation since CPC is...
  2. Hepopotan

    You do not have permission to view the message history of #mr-general.

    You do not have permission to view the message history of #mr-general.
  3. Hepopotan

    Terran Union Law Enforcement

    o7 bad actors who are repeat offenders will be given the slipperiest of soap bars
  4. Hepopotan

    What killed MR for you?

    What killed MR for you?
  5. Hepopotan

    My deepest apology to all of Mankind.

    be better next time mmkay
  6. Hepopotan

    Urgent News! Blunt Force disbanded!

    defund the bluntforce
  7. Hepopotan

    Other Styles of combat.

    Extrapolating 6 friends of yours to the entire potential new player influx is flawed as its a incredibly small sample size with lots of potential bias as they're all your friends and probably share similar likes and dislikes in games, not to mention the game is still in pre-alpha with lots of...
  8. Hepopotan

    Other Styles of combat.

    As a way to build upon combat currently, weapon attachments would allow players to customize their guns further and would add slight buffs/trade offs (decrease spread, increase dmg vs increase recoil, etc.) to the weapon values if that idea is still up for debate.
  9. Hepopotan

    Other Styles of combat.

    To clarify, /dance hasn't been impletmented yet. On the other hand, fombat dancing is simply trying to make your opponent miss their shots via dodging out of the way of their crosshair. The combat in this game can simply be broken down into "hit and don't get hit". Adding too many gimmicks to...
  10. Hepopotan

    Discussion: Meaningful Implications of Political Assassinations

    its not about how many extra lives they have its about sending a message and starting shit case in point, syn is currently feeling the wrath of ae after ganking one of their members
  11. Hepopotan

    Character skills

  12. Hepopotan

    Character skills

  13. Hepopotan

    Weapons Rebalancing

  14. Hepopotan

    Weapons Rebalancing

    petition to remove all t3
  15. Hepopotan

    Community Input: Prison

    remember people, you go to jail for getting caught, not for playing the game. honestly, all that seems like a nightmare to implement all that and is far more complex than prison ought to be. you do the crime, you do the time (for getting caught). just implement a method to reduce PP outside of...
  16. Hepopotan

    Ideas to make UC Downtown more valuable

    i propose to increase the trash spawn by 200% to really attract players, both old and new, to the area
  17. Hepopotan

    Planetary Takeovers & Macro/Micro Politics

    Most factions currently don't even have close to the population or economy required to pull off a slow-bleeding system like this. Not only that the examples shown generally follow: corp/TDC factions --> middlemen territory owners factions --> takeover structure. In this case, it puts TU at a...
  18. Hepopotan

    FOM Screenshots & Videos

    My favorite beef vidyas (not mine): Also its kinda funny that dellor lists being banned from fom as one of his gaming accomplishments in the description,
  19. Hepopotan

    Your First time playing FoM Memories?

    I once logged out for the last time.
  20. Hepopotan