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  1. Shakespears

    New-player tutorial world / social hub

    As a prior DSV, I can say that program went pretty bad even with most DSV's being active. A big change we've been exploring is integrating part of the tutorial(TU-tour-ial) straight into the factions' hands just as Chip mentioned. The problem with a "safe zone" social hub is new players...
  2. Shakespears

    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    I'll support this only if we have fines for violating the verbal morality statute
  3. Shakespears

    Forum Improvements

    There's no lore written for this yet, soon(tm)
  4. Shakespears

    Prosthetic Implants

    Bucket for a foot
  5. Shakespears

    Hi from a former LED

    Welcome to the fun
  6. Shakespears

    Mail Jai Patel for free gear and UC

    Mail Jai Patel for free gear and UC
  7. Shakespears

    Community Input: Prison

    Prison could just be a waiting room to enter an arena. Two men enter, 1 man leaves... In a seriousness note though, having some various sorts of American Gladiators mixed with Running Man competitions where the victor is released from prison would be cool. Even cooler if it was able to be...
  8. Shakespears

    Hello again

    Hey, isn't that Blue?
  9. Shakespears

    High Command Applications OPEN

    It's been some times since FOM so people have grown for the better or maybe worse. Either way, anyone has a chance this time around if they can show potential through their application and interview(if they receive one). The process of deciding on selecting applicants for "approval" has been...
  10. Shakespears

    NSM Planet Cracker Spaceship

    I wonder if there would be markers and necromorphs on it as well?
  11. Shakespears

    BioXide says i got to lead FoE if i made this.

    Lengthy and detailed apology, critique of why certain people shouldn't run a faction, and food. What's not to like?
  12. Shakespears

    Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?

    Global I want to stun people right after a big PVE kill and listen to sounds of pure rage as CPC confiscates the loot before arresting the parties involved as "poachers"
  13. Shakespears

    Do not rule out fist fighting

    Fist fighting was removed due to what we perceived in the first "donator" test with it. Everyone just ran around punching each other just because they didn't know what else to do and it got out of hand to be honest. Perhaps once the game is further developed with more features implemented...
  14. Shakespears

    Faction Leadership - As it stands

    WTS AE R7 for $5000 USD Like Bioxide said, we're aiming for a diverse leadership at the start for each faction. This is to hopefully bring a variety of content and interaction to the game in all aspects. Another note to this is taking initiative. People who are attempting to rally folks into...
  15. Shakespears

    Epic Games Store

    RIP Story, Art, Web, Game Design, and Community Teams
  16. Shakespears

    Community Input - Territory/World Ownership Mechanics

    Taking suggestions for sure on this one.
  17. Shakespears

    Community Input - Territory/World Ownership Mechanics

    It's a very viable strategy to have multiple allies or neutrals controlling territories on a colony you own. That way if someone comes in and attempts to take the colony, the aggressors have to deal with multiple factions in one way or another.
  18. Shakespears

    Community Input - Territory/World Ownership Mechanics

    Just to clarify, owning the majority of territories doesn't give colony ownership automatically. You have to control the majority of territories to contest colony ownership, aka start a "final battle" In theory, you could take control of the colony and rid yourself of all territory ownership if...
  19. Shakespears

    Stop leaking information

    Stop leaking information
  20. Shakespears

    What Political Stance Do You Choose?

    More than 2 parties would exist given the spectrum of the various elements of the government :D