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  1. IvanDubrovsky

    Game bug reporting

    Bio you told me to make a reminder for you on the forums. I assume that some of the weapons in game such as Krepkiy Ubiytsa rifle are based on russian language, because it has a literal meaning. I know its not really a bug but there is a grammatical mistake in the name of the weapon (it says...
  2. IvanDubrovsky

    Questions & Answers for Mankind Reborn

    Hello all! So I have heard from my mates that the game is still in Pre-Alpha? Can you please elaborate on the state of the game development and tell me if there is a way to actually play the game right now ? Are the servers up only at specific times or can you just log in whenever you want ? Thanks
  3. IvanDubrovsky

    Ivan Dubrovsky is back!

    Hello people, I am Ivan Dubrovsky! Most of you would remember me as a BoS Sun Tzu instructor or as an FDC Training Corps lieutenant. I have recently heard about this project and watched a couple of videos on youtube, do you think there is a real future for this game and should I really stick around?