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    Suggestions for Future in MR

    1. Likely its a current game design to have players spend small amount in time in the prison, but the x2 speed up of a prison sentence needs to be removed as it has no lore purpose. 2. Murder value has increased slightly, the difference with the MR crime system is that the scanner has to be...
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    Suggestions for Future in MR

    Following suggestions to curb the griefing in game in MR future 1. Penalty point speed reduction in ceres cell block removed keeping criminals that have built up large amounts of penalty points behind bars longer then currently implemented. 2. Increase the penalty point generation to 400 for...
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    Terran Union Law Enforcement

    Today is a momentous occasion for the Terran Union and stabilization of the government. The Civil Protection Commission has been provided authority to protect union law and incarcerate criminals within the Ceres prison faculty. When asked what significance the day marks for the Civil Protection...
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    News Bulletin

    There are no negotiations made with terrorist organizations by the Terran Union.
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    News Bulletin

    A terrorist sleeper cell called Arms of Absolution has been uncovered by the Civil Protection Commission. Arrest warrants have been issued against the known men as police compile a list of the wanted fugitives for public print release. "We have conducted a extensive search on each member of the...
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    Crime Watch/ CPC Internal Update

    Hello Im Commandant David Ord, CPC Internal Commander and Id like to provide a policing update within the MR community. CRIME WATCH: Mars Club CPC has conducted a raid on a business on Mars under police search warrant. Officers were met with organized resistence. During the operation police...
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    Commandant Update

    Dear citizens of the Terran Union, The Civil Protection Commission encompasses high standards of professionalism, integrity and selflessness in its duty to protect and serve. Our values are Honesty- Always be truthful and honest in every situation Integrity- Adhere to moral and ethical...
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    Police Brutality!

    Citizen, misconduct of CPC officers is a matter I take most serious. Any CPC involved will be re-educated on the correct procedures. My pledge is to keep the streets crime free and assure the public that CPC protects and fosters the good law abiding citizen.
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    IAD Response to the Attempted Coup of CPC

    What bearing does most wanted and criminal organizations have. None.
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    no confidence in our faction R6 David Ord

    Let me clear Captain Howdy placing a kos on a fellow CPC Officer has earnt him a lifetime blacklist from the CPC as will the case be for any CPC guilty of murdering their own. As for denis p daley, instead of contacting the CPC chain of command, you have taken upon the position to publicly...
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    Life Behind Bars - Ceres Prison

    Civil Protection Commission Commandant David Ord shows us inside the jewel crown of the Terran Union, the Ceres Prison Faculty. Housed behind steel bars are some of the most dangerous criminals guilty of murder, grand larceny, corporate crimes, perjury, drug manufacturing and profiteering...
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    This community isn't even toxic

    Never fear citizens, CPC will clear out those shit bags
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    Civil Protection Commission Community Announcement

    It is my strong suggestion that Faction High Commands vet their members and ask if they have prior history with the CPC.
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    Civil Protection Commission Community Announcement

    CPC will not lend assistance to criminals and organized crime.
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    Civil Protection Commission Community Announcement

    Civil Protection Commission Citizens of the Union, Any citizen who comes under attack may seek out the assistance of the nearest CPC officer for protection. CPC online report system Signed Commandant David Ord Civil Protection...
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    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    I welcome all discussions and view points from everyone. Jade has great discussion points to add
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    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    Q1. My dude we know you, you will abuse that kind of system Answer: As mentioned before there are safeguards their to stop abuse being made as information is recorded in the system and Internal Affairs, Investigations are monitoring these reports. You are not going to see a HC log in and start...
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    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    In legacy, LED became a punching bag for majority of the player base as their was no real consequence to the attacker/s. The effect on a new player wore off quickly as they spend hours producing/mining, only for someone who just got out of jail to kill them and take their items. LED could arrest...
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    CPC to Administer Penalty Point and Monetary Fines

    A valid way to look at the mechanics. How would the PP be allocated to the suspect before an arrest is made? The penalty should fit the crime. I believe you are looking at a task/mission style system inside the CPC faction? Civilians provide the information at the crime terminal, R5+ look over...
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    Non-combat social activities

    Bar/ restaurant can set there own food/drink/ drugs (if they are game enough) menu and prices for customers and compete with other bar owners for sales, and must purchase a license from the TU for business to operate. Having more people inside the area multiplies and increases the food/drug buff...