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Jun 1, 2017
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Hey Citizens,

Things have been a bit quiet recently so I wanted to keep you guys updated on what's going on behind the scenes. Most donators have already invested a lot of hours into the current playtest build and got what they've could out of it, hence why everyone is so quiet at the moment (Plus there's Mordhau and other cool games out there consuming people's time, Mordhau is consuming mine, pls help).

Here are some nice stats for the playtest last month, we had an average of 46 Daily Active Users and around 260 Monthly Active Users, that's pretty impressive, considering the playtest is just a playground with no content or goals, these numbers make us happy and shows there's a lot of interest in the title.

Returning/new users

Retention rate stayed at 10%, I expected that to drop to 0% in the first 3 days lol

Average DAU/MAU kept increasing every day

Average session duration, the lowest amount was around 30mins, which again, extremely impressive. My goals for release is for this to be around 1-2 hours, if the average was 30mins in our barebones pre-alpha, it's a good indication people will stay logged in for more time once there's content.

We've reached a nice level of stability, we haven't had our servers crash and most issues reported have been fixed or tweaked, I sincerely appreciate everyone's time, playing a barebones, pre-alpha build while there are a thousand of other things you could be doing with your time that provide higher returns in fun, seriously thank you guys, it's been extremely helpful in fixing critical issues and being aware of design & balance issues in the game.

So what's next?

Well apart from the backlog of tweaks and fixes that I'm still going through and will be actively patching things moving forward, we're preparing a nice purchase list to invest all the recent donation money, mainly grabbing more environment packs from the UE4 marketplace and also start the creation of cosmetic assets (clothing, emotes, apartments, etc), these will allow us to start adding more donator rewards on all tiers, so expect more work to be done on the donator dashboard and more rewards popping up on your tiers.

We've been also listening to your concerns regarding the current eco mechanics and we've pushed back the eco test till we implement these new features, mainly changing how the mining tool works (we're keeping active mining /endofdiscussion), modifying the passive mining to allow two tasks per world instead of one, the price differences between active and passive, lots of optimization tweaks on these to reduce server load and also we'll be changing up the PMOD system a bit, there's no ETA on this, but I'll be actively working on this in the upcoming weeks, the servers will stay online and will be receiving more patches as we get closer to the eco test.

Thank you all for the amazing support!
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