Discord Updates - April 2021


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The following changes have been made to our Discord server:
  • All public chat channels have been archived to preserve content and new channels have been opened in their place.
    • If there is anything specific you do not want to lose, please contact @Fickey or @Necidious and we will attempt to recover it. This is only for media, suggestions, and other bonified content that is productive to the community.
  • Removed the "Supporter" role, which was used pre-new donation system when Community Members were manually assigned this role at the time.
    • Community Members can link their Discord account to their MR account which will automatically assign the appropriate role to match your donation tier.
  • The use of external emojis, nickname changes, and the file attachment/upload feature has been restricted. Those who are a Donator I and above, as well as those who Nitro Boost our server, will gain the ability to use these three features, in select community channels.
  • Playtest related channels have been restricted as follows:
    • Only eligible Community Members, Donator I and above, are able to post in these channels.
    • #mr-playtest and #mr-playtest-media will be viewable by all Community Members.
    • #mr-playtest-bugs will be viewable by any Community Member who is eligible to participate in the playtest.
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