Pre-Alpha Patch 0.2031


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Jun 7, 2017
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  • A bunch of stuff which I sadly didn't keep track of lol :kwisatzh:
  • UI overhauls
  • Bug fixes
  • Crime snapshot system is finally live, committing crimes creates snapshots in the location of the crime, which contain all relevant data, currently they spawn anywhere, but in the near future, you'll be able to place jammers down that prevent the creation of snapshots and in the future once the new backend goes live, it will likely be a colony/world setting, crimes are the following: (Destroying security/worker drones, planting c4/alien eggs, hacking, destroying certain deployables, murders, more coming soon™️).

    Crime Snapshots have a lifetime of 10 minutes (Feedback), a player with a scanner implant can scan the snapshot to reveal the crime data, if the player has an evidential datapad in the inventory, the crime data can be downloaded, there's no limits on how much times the data can be downloaded, but it can only be processed (penalized) once.

    To report a crime, players can deposit the evidential datapad in a security terminal, there's only 3 at the moment which reside in Ceres (Public Entrance, L1, L3). Reported crimes will end up in the CPC Database, which can be accessed by CPC members in L3, this database contains all recently reported crimes which the CPC can then use to penalize the crime instigators.

    Players can produce and deploy Crime Watch deployables, which have a similar line of sight functionality like turrets, if there's any crime snapshots in its line of sight, it will automatically process them, creating "safe" areas that criminals will be penalized without the need of CPC members nearby, this obviously comes at a cost of producing the deployable and fuel cells to keep it running.

    Stuns & arresting coming shortly, with prison gameplay coming later to finalize the crime system.