$3000 MILESTONE (donations)


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Jun 1, 2017
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Hi guys,

I'm truly shocked by the sheer amount of support we have been receiving from the community, and that since the very beginning. Not only have we practically slammed through the $1000 mark a few days ago, we now have reached the $3000 milestone just a few days later. We can now safely say that we're contacting various modelers to create custom weapon models for Mankind Reborn, as that is one of our main priorities— the other being player models, armors and clothing. Our concept artist is also working on a few goodies for you guys!

That all being said, we are determined not to let you guys down. We're working endlessly, day and nights, so we can get a build ready to test.

I'll end this post with a sincere thank you from the entire development team. When we first started this whole thing, we could never have imagined receiving the support we have been getting from you guys. Thank you, sincerely!

(ps. thank you Orion Pax for donating $2000)



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Jun 1, 2017
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pablo is hench, thanks for locking our paypal account haha