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Jun 1, 2017
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Hello guys,

Just a quick announcement to let you all know that our production system is finally working! We also had a successful testing session yesterday, so we'll be tweaking our production system in the next coming weeks. This is also why we have opened up the Bug Report forum for everyone — please keep in mind that it's moderated and should solely be used for reporting bugs found during testing. Anything off-topic will be deleted. This is done so we can maintain a clear oversight.

Our testing server will be available 24/7 for donators and possibly regular players on specific days where we would need more people. There are currently 104 items ready to be produced, so we really need all the help we can get. I'd also like to add that those who provide constructive bug-reports, which can be replicated by us, will receive points — these points can be converted into rewards in the future. Every single thing you do on the server will be saved to the database, so you will not lose any progress should you log off or crash.

Don't forget to hop on our Discord server where you can participate in various discussions! It is also possible to see if our testing server is online or not by typing !test in there. :)

For those who are eager to see another dev-blog, it's coming! We will include videos thoroughly explaining the new features along with an overview of the mining and production system.

More information will be disclosed at a later date.
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