A Difference of Opinion



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Jan 29, 2021
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My writing skills back when this was written were somewhat lacking, but I figured I'd re-post it here, some older players might get a kick out of it, and it's my character story. Obviously, factions, locations , etc, bit out of date...

Part 1

The Berlin apartment was dimly lit, sitting in a chair any unseen observer would be able to make out a tall, dark man, unshaven, wearing khaki slacks and a black shirt, a bottle of Aurelien Ale in one hand. Once he was the spokesmen for the largest mercenary outfit around, some would even say the spokesman for the whole mercenary faction. Now he was a lowly trader, and more then ever alot of people wanted him dead.

Boomer MkVenner stood up, walking over to a chest of draws. He opened the top draw and slid aside a pile of clothes, revealing a mahogany box, opening it to reveal, nestled in the green lining, two Zanathid 9mm. He took them out, released the magazine of one, checking it's payload and sliding it back into the handle, chambering a round. He slid it into the speed holster on his right side, doing the same with the other and holstering it on the left side. He produced another four clips, all loaded with his signature Dum Dum rounds. He then felt underneath the drawer, feeling instinctively for the right buttons, he pressed the button he knew was five, followed by two zeros, then one that, although just coloured red, would normally be marked "Arm". He carefully closed the draw, walking over to the bed he picked up and put on his black trench coat, adjusting the black disk he walked onto the vortex pad.

No sooner had he dematerialised, two people materialised, these people where wearing red trench coats with black arms. They moved into the small apartment with an air of people who had a job to do, and they where going to make sure they did it right, but to their dismay the room was empty.

"I do believe we have missed our...compatriot Jord."

"It would seem so Lord, make yourself comfortable, he'll be back sooner or later, no way he would know we are after him."

Just them an explosion blossomed from the direction of the chest of draws, in the precious seconds before his eyeballs were vaporised, Jord thought, "Weird...purple flames...pretty tho", Lord on the other hand only thought, "OH SHIT!"


Emufarmers Sangly was sitting at his desk in the Berlin precinct, drinking a cup of coffee and going over some case files when a busy looking patrolman burst in.

"Sir, I've just got a report in of an explosion in an apartment at downtown Berlin."

"Ok, let someone else deal with it, I'm a little busy with all the Brotherhood problems at the moment."

"But sir, this is a weird one, the explosion was high pressure plasma, vaporised everything inside the apartment without any structural damage. There where two dead bodies, the only way I know that is records show two people entering, armed to the teeth, and not leaving until they showed back up at cloning, want to know who they are?"

"Oh do tell."

"Jord and Lord, both Dea..."

"Death Legion, yes I know, they've probably moved into house burglery now and it all went pear shaped."

"But the only thing is, the apartment was registered to Boomer MkVenner, why the hell would Jord and Lord go, strapped to hell and back, to Boomer's apartment?"

"Beats me..."


Boomer walked through Brooklyn market, and sat down on a bench with his back to the wall, always keeping three turrets in view. Another man, excusing himself from a conversation, walked briskly over and sat down next to him.

"Hey Sky, how's life in AE treating you?"

"Not bad Boomer, not bad at all, listen, I've not got much time to chat, board meeting in ten, but I gotta know, why didn't you follow the rest of DL to CMG? I hear the pay is very nice."

"Honestly? I can't stand CMG canteen food."

Sky Pony chuckled, "That so huh? Well, I guess I'll let you get back to your...what ever you where doing, catch you later."

"See you later sky."


Meanwhile, several million miles away a small red headed man was getting pretty angry. He was sitting in an appartment, there were about another six or seven other men, the strange thing someone would have noted here, was that they all wore the same red with black arm trench coats.

"All you had to do, was go the **** up to his apartment, and waste him, but no, you had to **** that up."

"He had some freaky plasma bomb, he wasn't even there."

"Yeah, well for both of your sakes he best not be hiding by some turrets, ok people, suited and booted, it's time to bring the pain."

"Why are we even trying to kill him?"

"He's a ****ing traitor Jord!"

"Yeah but if you think about it, we're the ones who left, not him"

"What have I told you about thinking?"


He walked through the rain in Tokyo, he had just left one of his many safe houses, hurriedly he walked down a tight alley way, when the Red head popped out in front of him,

"Hey Boomer, old buddy old pal, fancy bumping into you here"

"Yeah, fancy that"

He felt the small, hard gun barrel pressing against his back, boxed in, Reefer front and Jord to the back he couldn't run.

"So it's like that is it, huh Reefer? After all I've done for you guys, you just bump me off in some dark, stinking alley?"

"Believe me, I get no pleasure from this, but this is the way it's gotta be, sorry, you know to much."

"I don't know shit, and besides, what I do know, stays with me to the grave."

"Yep, that's exactly how it's going to be"

"Actually, this is how it's going to be", said a deep Japanese voice, Reefer, moving one hand slowly up to his neck, felt the cold steel of a Katana pressing against it, "Jord, you're going to drop that piece, and walk slowly, backwards, away, Reefer, one wrong move, and I'm going to take your head home on a plate."

As soon as as Jord had reached the end of the alley way, two other figures appeared beside him, and another behind Genjuro.

"Now why you have to go and try to be smart?"

In one smooth movement, as if it had been perfectly choreographed, Boomer and Genjuro fell to the floor simultaneously, Genjuro taking Reefer's head with him. They quickly moved behind some crates as above them the alley way erupted into flying rounds.

"Thanks, owe you one Genj, although, they have us pinned down and caught in a cross fire, I'd rather you'd stayed at home, now there's going to be three dead bodies in this alley way instead of one. But what are you doing here?"

"No worries about that, I've got plenty of clones, and besides, the coalition look after their own. Tanaka sent me, seems someone sent him an anonymous e-mail, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your clones have all been deleted."

"****, so I'm screwed."

"No, I have an idea, I can die, you can't, you deal with the one that end, I'll cover you meat shield style from the other two."

"err...there's three that side."

"Nah, that one over there has crappy aim, Jord just got one in the head from Lord. Ok, on three."

"Wait, on three, or one two three then go?"

"On three, one two three GO!"

Standing up, Katana in one hand, 6x6 in the other, Genjuro charged at the two at the far end of the alley. A fraction of a second later (the time it took for him to realised Genjuro meant ON three) Boomer flew up like a man possessed, there's nothing like the actual threat of death to give someone some extra gusto. Opening up, one zanathid in each hand he hit absolutly nothing. Realising that only worked in the movies he dropped one and braced the other with his spare hand. This time two lucky rounds hit the target, the dum-dums entered one in the shoulder the other in the chest. The huge exit wounds threw bits of person all up the wall. The death-throws caused Lord to get two burst off, one of which scored a perfect three round hit in Boomer's chest at close range.

The last thing Boomer remembered was it all going black. Actually that's a lie, first it all went white, then it all went black, and this little voice in the back of his head, "Well done you silly wanker, you've gone and got yourself killed."

By the time the LED patrol found the bodies, Boomer was long dead.


Two people sat in a shadowy corner of Pax Prime, one wore a red trench coat with black arms, the other swamp green assault clothing.

"You sure you wasn't followed? No one can know I'm here."

"No way...We got him this time boss, for sure, that stupid "ohh look at me, I'm a ****ing samurai" Genjuro bastard cut me and Kanja up nice, Ron got him in the end tho. Jord got FF'ed and Boomer got Lord, at the same time Lord got Boomer."

"You absolutely sure this time?"

"Yeah, Steve lifted the LED records, seems they haven't totally deleted his old LED access"

"If you've ****ed up again I'll have your ****ing balls."

"Look, what do you want? His body is in the ****ing morgue."

"Ok then, you know how to get in touch with me if you need to."


On a slab in the LED Morgue in Brooklyn, the body of Boomer MkVenner laid.

"No clone records?" Asked Emufarmers

"Nope, it's a weird one, they were just...lost, no record of who deleted them", Replied Detective Fury, "say...this had been bugging me, don't suppose you know why he didn't follow the rest to CMG?"

"Nope, truth is there are only two people who know why. One, Boomer, and he's lying cold in front of us, the other, Audie, is MIA, people say he's probably dead too but I doubt it."


Part 2:

He woke up with a start, the room was dark, all he could see was the faint glow of various medical screens. He was lying in a bed, wearing a hospital gown. Sitting there trying to figure out what exactly was going on he suddenly realised his mouth and throat were bone dry. Then the door opened and the lights came on, hurting his eyes, a figure, in a green and grey FDC uniform entered, under his arm he had some folders and dossiers of various colours and thicknesses.

"Ahh, you're awake, welcome back to the world of the living Mr.Venner."


"Ahh yes, you haven't had any fluids via your mouth for six weeks, you're bound to be parched."

The figure moved over to a table in the corner and poured a glass of water out of a large pitcher, walking back to the bed he handed it to Boomer.

"I suppose you have a lot of questions, well, so do we, but introductions first, I am Commodore Ian Gray of the FDC, and you, in case you can't remember, are Boomer MkVenner, deceased."

"What the **** is going on...Genjuro told me I had no clones, last thing I remember was laying face down in the alleyway."

"Yes, we created new clone records from DNA taken from your corpse, that is why you have been in a coma for six weeks, the degradation of your neural pathways was quite extensive. The new records are just standard John Doe stuff, you can call it witness protection. I also hate to have to tell you this now, but you have been placed under martial law."

"Martial law...you can't place just a person under martial law, it's like, a whole city."

"I would beg to differ, here, read."

He opened up one of the files, checking it was the one he wanted he passed it to Boomer, reading through it, cutting out all the red tape babble, it pretty much stated he was now FDC's property, signed by Field Marshal Aaron Tal.

"Ok, time for us to go, if you would be so kind to go through that door, you will find your clothes, we have to make a move."


"So, you are one hundred percent clear on this, I need him alive, and by need I mean NEED, so every merc, this is a faction wide contract I'm taking out here, twenty mill up front, then fifty on completion."

"Yeah yeah, it's all good, so who am I talking to?"

"No one you need to know anything about."

Law Destroyer hung up the phone, the contractee sounded familiar, shaking off the feeling something very big was happening he started to write up the contract.


"Welcome to the GDS Yukon, you'll be safe here don't worry" said Gray as they rematerialized on the deck of the Global Domion's flag ship.

Boomer laughed smugly, "Safe? Are you kidding me?"

Gray patted one of the many turrets, "Not at all, we have made some...modifications, since Audie and your's escapades. If you would follow me, Rivers want's to talk to you, the mess hall is this way..."

"I know which way."

The two walked down grey corridor after grey corridor until finally they entered a large room, decked out end to end in stainless steel tables and benches, in the middle was another man wearing the same green and grey FDC uniform he always wore. Walking over, Gray excused himself, standing up Rivers gestured for Boomer to sit.

"Ever thought of redecorating this place? Doesn't the endless grey bore the shit out of you? I don't know, how about a nice cerise?"

"Boomer, Boomer, Boomer, oh how the mighty have fallen. Look at you, you live alone, or did, in a dive, downtown Berlin, you're two steps away from being a full blown alcoholic."

"One step, one step, what is this? If I wanted a psyc-evaluation the coalition provides those services for free, what have I done to be brought back by the FDC? I am eternally grateful by the way."

"Don't get sarcastic, want to know why we brought you back? Two words, Audie Murphy."

Boomer shrugged, "World War 2 US hero, accounted for more German kills than any one else."

"Ha Ha, very funny, you know who, you're one of only two people who knows where he is, and for some strange reason I thought you would be easier to work with than that Reefer guy."

"If you know he knows where Audie is, why did you go through all this cloning bullshit, I have a headache worse than any damn hang over, the doctors tell me it's because parts of my brain still think they are dead, what kind of thing is that to tell someone? "errr, sorry mister, but you think you're dead", I mean, come on."

"You know you smashed all the records? The longest time someone was in cardiac arrest before being brought back to life was twenty six minutes, and he was brain dead afterwards, you were dead six days."

"Ooh what do I get? A medal or a cookie, besides, I'm still a clone, doesn't count...look cut this chit chat bull shit. If you want to know where Audie is, you're going to have to do something for me."

"That depends, what?"

"I'm hungry, and I want to go eat at this nice sushi bar in Tokyo."


Meanwhile, back on Earth, deep underground in Berlin there was a meeting taking place.

"I don't think we should just go running off after this guy, I mean, it's Boomer, the guy's a nobody now, just because CMG wants him dead, doesn't mean we want him alive. I just think Kami would have..."

"Kami's gone Atma, and I've got to do what I think is best in his stead. All I'm saying, is if CMG want him dead so bad..."

"CMG don't, DL do."

"Same difference, if they want him gone so bad, he must be important."

"Papa, look, I'm not saying he doesn't know anything, but it's probly nothing we could ever use.

"Knowledge is power, it used to be "what you don't know can't hurt you", now it's what you don't know will get you killed. And besides, I kinda like Boomer, I'd hate to see him gone for good."


A green column snaked it's way through Tokyo, two troopers in front of him, four behind, and Rivers and Dogpyle either side of him. It did little to ease his sense of foreboding. Then all of a sudden it all went red, it took him a while to realise this was because the contents of the trooper in front of him's head, now coated his face. Dogpyle dragged Boomer down beside a concrete pillar as another trooper fell to his knees coughing up blood.

"What the **** is going on, I need a sit-rep." Dogpyle barked down his comm-link

Boomer could barely hear the crackled response from Dogpyle's ear piece, "Just you and me left," it was Rivers, "Mercs, lots of them, in fact, all of them."

"I told you we should have brought a whole platoon...****!"

Just then a grenade came round the corner, reaching for it to throw it back Dogpyle stumbled and landed on it, the dull wet thump of thousands of red hot fragments tearing into his chest was one of the most interesting sounds Boomer had ever heard, and if he was not being violently sick, he may have likened it to someone hitting a side of beef with a sledgehammer.

Two mercs came round the pillar and lifted Boomer up, "Nice one you silly ****, we need him alive, that frag could have killed him."

"Nah, you can always count of FDC to pull silly heroic shit, oh by the way, they got Rivers...eventually."

The three of them cast their gaze across the way, to a huge pile of merc bodies topped by one green one. Boomer shrugged off the two mercs, did his best to wipe the soup of blood and guts off of his face, straightened his jacket, took a deep breath, "What the **** is going on, who the **** are you guys, where the **** did you come from? I'm covers in ****ing bits of brain and skull and guts. Why the **** are so many people..."

Boomer trailed off as he realised he had been hit on the back of the head very hard, slowly feeling the impact point some internal mechanism decided enough was enough and he passed out.

"Oh well done, why the hell did you do that?"

"What? It was for his own good, he was freaking out, he looked like he was going to have a ****ing stroke."

"HIS OWN GOOD! He's ****ing bleeding, how is that his own good?"

"Oh quit *****ing and help me carry him to the vortex."


Five minutes later a man dressed in red and black slowly entered the area, slowly moving around all the bodies, he activated his comm-link.

"Sparrow to hawk, come in hawk."

"Hawk? What the ****, I thought I told you knock off that code name bull shit."

"Sorry Papa, well, there's no Boomer, where you said Boomer was, he isn't, instead he's just been replaced by a pile of corpses."


"Eight FDC, including Rivers and Dogpyle, and about twenty five mercs."

"Mercs, ok get back here, we're going to SSG."


Boomer woke up on a bar, the Nebula View bar to be specific, groaning and holding his head he slid off.

"Good morning sleeping beauty, sorry to leave you there, but all the beds in our sick bay are currently occupied, make yourself comfortable, our benefactor will be here to collect his "parcel" soon."

"Comfortable? I don't think my skull is in one piece anymore."

"Oh quit moaning, corp life has made you soft Boomer, you used to be a rough, tough merc."

"I was never a "rough tough merc" Law, I did the writing...and besides, I like soft, I can sleep a whole night now without waking up in a cold sweat hearing all the screaming."

Law's eyes began to glaze over, "Yeah...the screams...so many people screaming...all those people that have died at my hands..."

Then, as if by cue the lights went out, and all Boomer could hear was screaming, lots of it.

"Shit, you stay there, I'll sort this out."

Law ran over to the "down" tube, Boomer couldn't make out the muffled talking, but he did hear a rather loud gunshot and a body slump to the floor. Two people came up the "up" tube, a man and a woman, he recognised the man to be Monkey Meat, and the woman was Jade Lynx.

"Ok, you've got to come with us now Boomer" stated Monkey.

"Oh no, that's the second time I've heard that, and the first time lead to death, destruction and lots of other nasty shit."

"Oh well, I tried, Jade, if you would be so kind?"

"My pleasure."

She brought the but of her gun down on the back of Boomer's head, as he slowly sank into unconsciousness, he thought, "Again, you silly wanker, why can you not keep yourself conscious...and by a girl no less...pussy"


Part 3

Three figures sat around a small wooden table, the only light was supplied by the low hanging ceiling lamp, which flickered occasionally. The room was ramshackle to say the least and looked as if it was about to collapse at any minute. The first figure, wearing red and black took a swig of beer then said, "We knocked him out to make it easier, there were still alot of mercs left and we just wanted to get out quick."

The second person, dressed in swamp green, "Yeah, he can be a bit stubborn sometimes, I hope you didn't give him any brain damage. We need what he knows intact."

The third person, wearing a red trench coat with black arms, "So what is it he knows?"

The second person looked at the third, "If I knew that Steve I wouldn't have to worry about him being the only who knows it, would I?"

"Don't get *****y Speaker."

"Well sorry, but some Brotherhood gimp didn't realise I was in on it and decided he wanted to try it. Seriously Papa you could have done a better job of getting the word around."

"Look I've apologised ok, what more do you want?"

A groan issued from the corner of the room, the three looked at the semi-conscious form of Boomer, laying on a bed.

"Looks like out guest of honour has awoken", said Papa, "How's you head?"

"I think I'm going to regret asking this, but where the **** am I?"

"Relax, your safe, you're at DeMorgans Castle", said Speaker.

"Ok, no this is too ****ed up, Speaker? What in ****s name are you doing here? And Steve...and Papa...and DMC?"

"One at a time, Speaker is here because he's the only other DL that didn't go to CMG, he doesn't know what DL want with you, frankly he doesn't care, I'm paying him, Steve on the other hand thinks he knows why DL want you, mainly because Reefer told him, and he thinks it stinks. I am here simply because CMG want you dead, and if CMG want you dead, the Brotherhood probably want you alive. We are currently at DMC because it's the last place anyone would look for three criminals and you, well...the last place they'll look for three criminals that haven't actually been arrested."

Noticing the bed he was laying on Boomer jumped up, "Jesus wept, couldn't you have found a bed that was a little less...alive?"

"Sorry we couldn't book you into the Kamitakada Hotel on such short notice. Look, I doubt you want to trust me, lets face it, we did knock you out to get you here."

"Yeah, that Jade bird is stronger than she looks..." said Boomer as he rubbed his head.

"Any way, you're causing quite a lot of ripples on the pond, FDC want you so you can lead them to Audie, CMG want you dead because their new prized possession, DL, want you dead in case you DO lead them to Audie, the mercs have been hired to bring you in alive, that much we know. Now that rules out CMG hiring them because they want you dead, FDC don't hire mercs, and it wasn't us becase we took you off of them. Word around the campfire is EC want you for some reason I can't fathom why, and I've talked to Genjuro and Grehvini and they would like you back in one piece, AE have a mild interest in what going on simply because all the other corps are involved, LED want you in conjunction with the shooting of two officers at the morgue, Emu and Fury, pretty much the only people who have no interest in you is the guardians."

"Emu and Fury? I haven't ever killed Fury, and I sure as hell haven't killed Emu since my merc days."

"Yeah, the funny thing about this is, through all their beurocracy and red tape, LED have missed one major point, Emu and Fury where guarding your corpse at the time they where killed, both of their cloning's went through ok, neither of them saw anything, apparently it was one of your Zanathids that was used."

"Hang on, what exactly is the Brotherhood's interest in me?"

"Like I said, we want you alive, because CMG want you dead."

"Guess that'll have to do for now, ok, erm...Steve, get out of here, last thing we need is another DL being hunted by DL. Speaker, you still JACK?"

As he got up to leave, Steve turned around with a confused look on his face, "JACK?"

"Just Another Contract Killer" replied Papa.

"Yes I am, why, someone you need cleaned?"

"Not at the moment, I'll be in touch, ok, there's someone I need to talk to, see you later gentlemen."


"Goddamn it, that stung like a *****, what the hell happened Rivers? That was like walking into a damn ant farm of mercs."

"Don't worry Dog, Law was sent to cloning about an hour ago, we escorted him into custody, I've just finished interrogating him. It would seem word got out our friend MkVenner was alive days before he actually was. Idle speculation and gossip that by sheer coincidence was actually true. An unknown person hired the whole mercenary faction to get him, alive."

"So if they want him alive, they must want Audie?"

"That's what I'm thinking, thing I can't figure out is, why the hell did BoS take him off of the mercs? They're the only other element in this equation that actually want to keep him alive."

"Other than us?"

"Well, for the moment, I meant AC."


"What's up boss, why you want to meet up?"

"I take it you haven't read the news?"

"Shit? News, I don't watch none of that boring shit."

"Reefer, you little gringo shit, Boomer is still ****ing alive."

"No ****ing way, I saw the body, me and Ron broke into the morgue" he chuckled, "Ron used some of Boomers dum dums on Emu, put his brains all over the wall."

"Well, see this here." the figure in green pulled a news broadcast print-out, out of his pocket and unfolded it, "this here is a picture, taken by an LED enforcment drone, acquired by PNS, see the guy there, being held up by two mercS? That is our friend, and he exits stage left with the both of them."

"Mercs...simple, we'll just go to SSG and take 'em out."

"Ah ah ah, not so fast, it would seem someone is already one step ahead of us, no one knows where the Brotherhood has hid him, but you better hope someone can find out, or your a dead man walking."


Emufarmers walked into his office, closing the door behind him, pile of folders in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other. He walked over the desk and set them down,

"Hello Boomer"

The high backed chair spun around, "Dammnit and here I was trying to surprise you."

"What is the world coming to when you have to worry about ghosts breaking into your office, you know I can take you in for breaking and entering?"

"Man, I didn't break **** all, what's up with all the fuzz crawling all over me? You know I didn't kill you and Fury."

"Yeah I know, mainly because I was looking at you damn body when it happened, thing is LED is so wrapped up in red tape and burocracy that it had to be you because all the signs point to you. I just figure someone picked up one of your nine-irons and used it."

"Probably, look, I'm under enough heat as it is at the moment, I really don't need any more, is there no way at all I can get LED off my back? There's a whole list of most wanteds, why're you all so damn caught up on little old me?"

"No idea, but I can probably get the heat off of you for a couple of day, I'll just chuck in some new evidence that points to someone else, hell, Half Life one is already off the damn scale, a few more convictions wont do anything."

"Thanks man, I owe you one."

"You owe me twenty five to life, now piss off before you get me in any more trouble."


In a very large room, with black marble floors and plush red carpets a rather large man sat behind a giant desk, in front of him stood two others.

"I just got another anonymous e-mail, I don't know who is sending these, no one can find out, but so far they have been panning out to be true" said Katsuko Tanaka, "This one confirm what both of you have undoubtable heard already, that Boomer is still alive, but it also says he knows exactly where Audie Murphy is hidden, along with 130 million credits he embezzled from the MotB faction funds, and also the blueprints to these new FDC plasma cannons."

"Plasma cannons? What the hell are plasma cannons?" asked Grehvini.

"You know an Orbit or a DOA?" asked Genjuro


"Well, from what I've heard these are big version of those, shoulder or tripod mounted. Whats so speacial about the blueprints boss?"

"They are the only ones in existance, no one knows how he got them, or why he has them, but my guess is EC wants them, so they can put them into production and sell them, cMG don't have the facilities to actually produce this type of technology, so it's in their best interest they don't get leaked out so people carry on buying lower grade ordanance from them. I wouldn't mind them, but to be honest I'd rather they just disappeared, I smell lots of trouble from them. Also, I wouldn't mind getting Boomer back in one piece."

"Yeah, ACW, ACF and the Samurai's are biting at the bit for some action, I say we get our man back, what about you Grehv?"


"Ok, I'll let you two lead run this one, but keep it a bit hush hush yeah?"

"Sure thing boss."


Part 4

Teff Ceasar walked into his office with a mug of coffee in one hand and PDA in the other, dismissing his PA at the door he took a deep breath, it had been a long hard week, and it was no where near ending. Walking over to his desk he put down the mug,

"Hello Boomer."

"Goddamnit, why does that never work?"

The high backed chair behind the desk swung round to reveal Boomer sitting in it with a mug of coffee, gesturing with the mug to the coffee machine in the corner, "I hope you don't mind?"

"By all means, do help yourself."

"Oh, where are my manners? Please, do have a seat", Boomer gestured to one of the low leather seats facing the desk.

"I'd rather have my own."

"hmph, people these days, fine..."

Boomer stood up and walked around the seat, "Happy now?"

"Yes thanks", replied Teff with a smug smile on his face, "to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I know it was you who hired the mercs, you know I can't prove it, but I know, and I'm not bugged, so drop the "I'm innocent" bullshit and talk to me. I'm guessing you want the hundred and thirty mill, but I didn't take you as a simple thief, and you hired the whole merc faction, that would have taken a major chunk of the winnings, so I'm starting to think there's more to it than just the money."

"Oh no, it's all about the money, just not that money. You see, I don't know if you remember a job you, Audie and the others pulled off a while back for an unnamed benefactor, simple assassination? Well, as you obviously don't know, on said operation Audie came into the possession of a holographic CD, contained on which where the blue prints for some very high tech weapons, FDC issue plasma cannons, the only ones in existence."

"So they do exist, I just thought he had gone nuts...", Boomer said absentmindedly.


"Oh nothing, do continue."

"Well, if we put these cannons into production, I can make a hundred and thirty million a day, easy. The actual money will go towards paying the mercs, hell I might give it all to them as a bonus to keep them sweet. What's more I get to hand the infamous Audie Murphy over to the FDC and LED and get them on my side too. And that is precisely why you are going to lead me directly to him."

As if on cue two mercs came and stood either side of Boomer, "You have to come with us now Boomer."

"OK! OK! I'll come, just don't knock me out this time."


He was ushered out of the of the EC building, and into a vortex node to Berlin, coming out he saw the comforting sight of the football field. This in it's self wasn't that comforting, but the fifty or so BoS playing on it was. Pretty soon all the BoS had left the game and found their various weapons, and two lines had formed up about twenty feet apart, one of BoS the other of mercs and EC heavies.


"Papa, fancy meeting you here, I trust you wont start any trouble?"

"Not if you hand him over now."

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, every one calm down and listen to me" boomed the voice of Field Marshal River Kelak. Everyone looked at where the voice came from, Rivers was standing a little way off, with about fifty or so FDC formed up behind him. "You will all be arrested for treason if you do not hand that fugitive over to me and my men right now. If you do resist arrest you will be dealt with to the full extent of my powers, and lets not joke around here, there is no full extent to my powers."

Just then even more people turned up to the party, about twenty AC came out of the subway and formed up completing a square, the centre of attention was Boomer.

"Ok...**** this, I've had enough." bellowed Boomer, marching over to Grehvini, "Hey Grev, how are you?"

Looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights, over a hundred people all quietly waiting for his response, "err...I'm fine."

"Good good, fancy doing me a favour? Shoot me in the ****ing head, put me out of my misery, you know what, gimmie that, I'll do it."

He grabbed Grehvini's nine millimetre from his holster and held it up to his temple, spinning around he marched over to Teff and looked him right in the eye, "You think I'll do it? You better hope I won't."

Marching over to Rivers, "Think I have the balls?"

"We'll just bring you back again."

"Well I guess I'll just have to shoot myself in the head again."

Unflinching Rivers held Boomer's stare, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes Boomer roared and pulled the trigger.

Everything was quiet

It took some people a while to realise that they had in fact not heard the crack of the pistol, instead they heard the click of a safety.

Grehvini rushed over to Boomer, "You forgot the safety, look on the side here."

Snatching the gun away from him, "Yes! Thank you! I know..."

Grehvini rushed back to the AC lines, no one saw Genjuro whisper into his ear, "Papa just messaged me, apparently, as soon as something happens, no matter what it is, we have to run for the vortex and just get the **** out."

All of a sudden the silence was broken by someone clapping, slowly, "Come now Boomer, no need for all these petty dramatics."

Everyone turned round to find the voice, it came from behind the AC lines, slowly moving to one side, thus merging with the BoS lines the AC parted like the Red Sea, to reveal 10 men in red trench coats with black arms, and a few other rag tag CMG.

"Ok, enough is enough, the BoS see no need to continue our presence here, how about you Genjuro?"

"No, me neither, if you will excuse us ladies and gentlemen."

The seventy or so Brotherhood and Coalition troops filed out amongst insults and base comments issued under the breath of a few FDC, MotB and DL. Sensing something was up Teff started to move to the back of his troops. As soon as the last AC person left the area alot of things happened almost at once.

The first thing was that a shot rang out, this caused two things to happen, one was Boomer's chest exploded all over the floor, causing him to slump to the ground. The second was, already on tender hooks, every FDC, MotB, EC, DL and CMG in the vicinity opened up on everyone not in their own colours. In the maelstrom no one noticed Teff Ceasar quietly slip out. Also no one noticed, on a roof top about two hundred feet away, Speaker breaking down a high power modified TAR7. Again, no one also noticed Boomer slowly crawling across the floor and running for the Vortex as soon as he was clear.


In another of his safe houses Boomer MkVenner stepped out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around him, if there had been anyone else there they may have noticed a small bruise on his chest, along with some slight red dying. After he got dressed he vortexed out of the apartment and headed for the Vortex, buying a ticket for Aquatica, Panorama node, he walked into the Vortex.

As he rematerialized he had a quick look around, he walked over to one of the benches and took his coat off, draping it over the back of the bench he sat down. He closed his eyes and sighed, he liked the view here and intended to enjoy the sun, not counting the death and unconsciousness he had been awake for nearly three days, every fibre of his being ached, slowly he dozed off.

Some time later he awoke when someone sat down next to him, slightly startled he looked at the newcomer,

"Looks like I surprised you this time."

"Hello Emu, and how can I help you this fine day?"

"It's more of how I can help you, well, what I can let you know at least."

"Go on."

"Well, I thought it only right to let you know that the FDC have called off the hunt for you, one hundred dead bodies piled up in Berlin sort of got the big wigs thinking that maybe Audie isn't worth all that trouble. The mercs are pissed off at EC because they got slaughtered and EC are pissed at the mercs because they want to raise the price. And word on the street is DL have decided simply that, "Boomer is a pussy" and that "He's not worth our time anymore". Seems things worked out well for you in the end. But how about you let me in on everything, because to be completly frank, I'm lost."

"Well, it started a little while ago, like any good leader, Audie became paranoid of his peers, like Stalin or Ceaser, some put it down to too much Biph, some to going through a bad cloning. To tell the truth he was never completely sane to begin with. After he started blabbing on to me about plasma cannons and telling me everyone was out to get him I started to think maybe he was going batshit ****ing loco. Turns out he was telling the truth, he did have the plans to the plasma cannons and" he chuckled "Pretty much everyone was out to get him."

"Well...he still does have to plans."

"Nope, Speaker took care of that."

"How do you mean?"

"Go to apartment number 118039, password "Taco", it over looks the site of the battle, inside you will find one smashed window, one pair of binoculars, and the corpse of one Audie Murphy. Steve told us, turns out he wanted to over look it himself, wanted to make sure they got it right."

"So Speaker wasn't just there to "shoot" you?"

"Nah, the dye packs where remote controlled, how did you know Speaker was there anyway?"

"Come on, this is my town, there's not much I don't know goes down."

"Well, eventually Audie cooks up some half arsed idea that I'm a secret LED undercover agent, planted to find out his secrets and get the blueprints back."

"And are you?"

Boomer looked at Emu, raising one eye brow, "Nope. When that Samson Hark guy showed up and turnt everything upside down Audie made a quick get away, along with fifty million from the MotB's faction funds."

"I thought it was one hundred and thirty million?"

"Nope, truth is he took out a hundred and thirty, but it was to re-equip the troops, most of it got handed out to help fight FDC, he just had to run before he had a chance to give it all out. Funny thing is, I don't know where he is, Rivers should really get some new intelligence guys, I don't know why he thought that I did, the last couple of days Audie didn't trust me enough to look after his house plants."

"One last thing, everyone wants to know this, but, why DID you not go with the rest of DL to CMG?"

"Honestly? AC have a better pension scheme"

Boomer winked at Emu and stood up, picking up his coat he turnt for the Vortex, getting a little bit away he turnt around, cast his gaze out over the sea, "Really is a nice day, isn't it?", then he turnt and walked off.

Chuckling to himself, Emu replied to the thin air, "Yeah, I guess it is."

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