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May 3, 2023
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As we have grown and evolved, we understand that some longstanding members may have old profiles filled with wisdom, debates, and interactions that don't reflect in their current profile's post count, reputation, or join date.

As much as we value our present and future, we also respect our past, and thus, @BioXide and I have decided to launch an account upgrade initiative to preserve our collective history. We know how important this is to you, and it certainly is to us.

If you have a previous profile archived in the Wayback Machine, we invite you to link it back to your current account. By doing so, we can rectify your current profile to reflect the correct post count, reputation and join date, ensuring that your contributions over the years don't go unnoticed.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Navigate to the Wayback Machine at and search for
  2. Search for your old forum profile URL in the Wayback Machine and find a snapshot showing your old post count and join date.
  3. Copy the link to this snapshot.
  4. Fill out our Account Upgrade Request form available here: You'll be asked to provide your old and current profile information and paste the copied link to the Wayback Machine snapshot of your old profile.
  5. Once submitted, our team will review your submission. If approved, we'll update your current profile to reflect your accurate join date and post count. It's our little way of appreciating your contribution to the community.
This initiative echoes our commitment to honoring your enduring participation and acknowledging every brick laid in the foundation of our community. We believe that each interaction, each post, and each rep4rep has played an essential role in shaping our community forums as well as Mankind Reborn, and we're eager to celebrate those milestones together.

Your Legacy Matters.

Much love,
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