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As we have released the armor concepts a while back, have a look at our armor lore! This was released in our Donator-forum a week ago.

Types of Armour

Ceramic Gel
Ceramic Gel or Ballistic armour is designed to harden when a solid projectile hits it and then return to gel form allowing the armour to take multiple impacts before ultimately degrading. Ceramic Gel armour is more efficient against solid rounds than against lasers hence the common nickname of Ballistic armour.

Ablative Plate
Ablative Plate or Ablat or Energy armour is designed to withstand the rapid change in surface temperature that occurs when a laser hits a target. Ablative armour slowly vaporises as more laser fire hits hit (hence the name). Ablative armour is less effective against solid slugs than beams.

Mixed armour simply affixes Ablat plates over a mesh containing Ceramic Gel. In theory, this gives equal protection against both energy and ballistic weapons, making it the optimal armour for all situations. Unfortunately, in order to keep the weight manageable, massive compromises have to be made to stopping power, meaning that shot for shot mixed armour is less effective than the equivalent specialised armour at any class rating below 4.

Classes of Armour

Class One

Class One armour is the lightest but also least protective of all armours, sometimes called civilian armour after its designated market

Class Two
Class Two armour is often called ‘patrol’ armour after its designed function. Patrol armour is balanced between weight and stopping power it is designed for government forces and corporate security who need to wear armour for a full shift.

Class Three
Class Three or ‘battle’ armour is heavy but provides the best protection of any non-powered armour but is too heavy to wear for anything greater than short periods of time. The fatigue caused by wearing this armour for extended periods of time makes it unsuitable for anyone not expecting immediate combat.

Class Four
Class Four or Powered armour is slow, bulky and horrendously expensive however it provides almost perfect protection. Powered armour is only really used by elite units and not on a regular basis.

Armour Manufacturers

Paragon Armour
Paragon is the Union’s preferred armour provider. Focusing primarily on Ceramic Gel armours Paragon makes Class Two and Three armours for civilians and government factions alike.

Dino Security
Dino Security invented Ablative Plate armour and is still the Union’s largest producer of Class Three Ablative Plate armour.

Harlequin Ltd
Harlequin is relatively new to the armour making business, having debuted their Rhino set of class 4 armour less than a decade ago to great acclaim and their Gipsy C1 armour only two years before that.

Gray Logistics
Led by the somewhat enigmatic Gray family Gray Logistics traditionally focused on the shipping and moving of goods, with the advent of VG tech Gray Logistics was forced to diversify. Of the many ventures attempted (including a music label and a line of soda drinks), Gray found success in two somewhat unlikely avenues, financial services and armour design.

Ballistic Armours

Gray Discrete C1
Designed to be ideal for the corporate climber who wishes to be protected at all times but wishes to look semi-formal and fashionable at the same time. At one point Gray offered a Discrete vest with every life insurance policy bought as a marketing gimmick.

Paragon Patroller C2
The Patroller line of Ceramic Gel armour was designed specifically for CPC and TDC second line and patrol units in order to allow long-term wear and freedom of movement while still providing a moderate amount of protection from bullets and knives.

Paragon Defender C3
The Defender line of Ceramic Gel armour is preferred by Corporate Response Teams and the police Tactical Response Unit for short-term rapid deployments into heavy combat zones. It is reported that the new Defender V4 has fourteen additional colour options at the request of longtime purchasers.

Harlequin Rhino C4
The Rhino was a complete about-face from Harlequin's previous mixed armour offerings. With unparalleled ballistic stopping power and a newly improved motor servo system, the Rhino has proved popular with both Black Star and the CPC alike.

Energy Armours

Dino Raptor C1
Poorly selling due to the perceived lack of need for energy protection in the civilian market the Raptor saw some sales among low-level criminal gangs and corporate troubleshooters who wish to appear to not be wearing armour.

Dino Lightning C2
Breaking away from their normal naming convention the Lightning is Dino's patrol armour offering and has seen plenty of success in corporate security sales, especially as corpsec has switched increasingly to energy weapons due to the ease of logistics.

Dino Rex C3
The Rex is the greatest protection armour that Dino offers, offering approximately twice the protection as their poorly selling Class One Raptor armour. Rex is very popular amongst FoE members though this may change now that the TDC has switched to a more ballistic arsenal.

Gray Dou Gusoku C4
The Dou Gusoku is the heaviest energy armour on the market and is almost entirely only used by Oda Security Forces. This armour is reminiscent of the samurai armour of centuries past and was originally paid for by Oda as a custom design by Gray though the armour has since been made available to the general public.

Mixed Armours

Harlequin Gipsy C1
The Gipsy range of mixed civilian armour has sold well, especially among those who don't actually expect to be in combat but want something as a visible status symbol.

Harlequin Jester C2
The Jester is popular in many merc units due to its flexible nature and ease of wear over long periods. The Jester does have the same flaws as all mixed armour however and has yet to see great success in government and corporate sales.

Gray Aketon C3
The Aketon is Gray's first foray into combat grade armour and is functional if a somewhat overly heavy option that has enjoyed some sales in smaller mercenary units looking for a heavy mixed loadout.

Paragon Chevalier C4
The Chevalier is often marketed as the ultimate armour solution, and this is correct as long as the armour remains powered. Favoured by AE's Knights and the TDCs heaviest units the Chevalier is designed to tough out almost any situation.

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Just set me up with that Jin-Roh police unit in Rhino armour boi



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Can we please have GD's armor/uniform match their faction lore? i.e: CPC armor having more police look and TDC armor looking more like army uniform etc. GD armor needs to have a strong identifier for more visible and prominent presence in the game world.

Chip Lawrie

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I think that is more for the after market mods area such as dyes and faction logo (or even a police banner as a factional exclusive) rather than having a full set of ‘exclusive’ gd armour


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Still waiting on a class 4 special explosive resistant armor called Dino Might
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I appreciate that some of the presumed designers that get to name some of the armour lines are weebs and D&D/history nerds rather than across the board standard sleazy marketing names like Vanguard and Aegis.

Still waiting on a class 4 special explosive resistant armor called Dino Might
Will be added later when they try to clone some ARK assets to cash in on the popularity. Kickstarter to be timed to coincide with next Jurassic Park Film.



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Sounds good but I´m hoping there will be vaster selection of armors

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Those armours are situational, right?
So why would a highly trained military force use exclusively one or the other?