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Jan 31, 2019
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Cliff grew up as an especially happy child. He was adored by his parents and teachers growing up. While he never had many friends he was perfectly happy living in his fantasy world. He would pretend he was fighting alongside characters he had seen in cartoons, or spend his time in thought about the natural world around him.

Puberty hit poor Cliff hard, the isolation started becoming something he resented and blamed everyone else for it. He did not want to be friends with others he would convince himself. After all, he was smarter than them, better than them, and they all behaved in such predictable ways they were like animals. Eventually the isolation became over bearing and he latched on to a group of misfits, and while they certainly were not intelligent they were different just like him.

He spent many years living in the shadows with these friends growing more and more distant to his parents until they finally gave up on him. Cliff and his friends would go on to form their own mercenary gang, taking on jobs too unsavory for others and toeing the line of the law. Kidnapping, murder, aggressive negotiations, or a private army for buyers with questionable intent. They never asked questions and rarely turned down a job. While Cliff tried to stay away from doing harm to people, sometimes he felt as if he had no choice. He would justify it all to himself, they were bad people, he couldn't let others hurt his adopted family, and the people he hurt would do the same to him if given the chance. This all weighed heavily on his mind eventually turning to drugs to suppress it all.

He needed a way out, he was too far in and couldn't tell his only friends how he really felt. This escape would come to him in the worst way possible. after a particularly successful night they had drawn far too much attention on themselves. The military had been deployed, along with a rival mercenary gang. With all escapes cut off they were forced to fight to the death, anyone who had surrendered would be slaughtered by the mercs. After an intense fight and the heart wrenching reality of watching his friends die Cliff was left laying in a pile of his friends, barely alive.

That night had changed him, left him a different man. Indeed, he left his old name and even face behind. Cliff made a new life for himself trying to right the wrong he's committed. Balance the scales of justice for all the injustice he has done.

Cliff Davis cannot truly escape his past life. A new name was not enough to drive those memories away. Every contorted face and screaming echo is seared into his mind. What he is truly terrified of however is the ones he shares those memories with, survivors or even worse old employers. They were all in the position to threaten his new life, taking advantage of his vulnerable position. It keeps him up most nights, inducing small panic attacks when he thinks he recognizes someone from his previous life.
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