Closed Testing for E3 (June 10th - June 17th)

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Jun 1, 2017
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This announcement serves as a swift reminder regarding the closed testing session we'll be organizing during our E3 attendance, as it was mentioned in our latest development update. The team has been working around the clock to design, code and implement a host of new features and mechanics on time. In fact, we're ahead of schedule and were able to implement more than we'd originally anticipated. As a show of our appreciation to those who contributed to the development of the game, the session will be exclusively for our donors. So, if you haven't donated yet and want to try out the game — now would be the best time to do so! :)


Donors will receive a link soon where they can opt-in for their key, allowing them to preload the game. Join us on the 10th until 14th of June and experience our brand new features yourself!

More information will be available a day beforehand.
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