Community Input: Food, Chemistry and Drug Production.

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My recent bit of lore: got us thinking in the development team about how we want food to work. As part of this, we want restaurants and similar player-owned businesses to play a part since this impacts gameplay and has the potential to impact chemical process production (which includes stuff like dyes for clothes/armour, drugs, plastics, etc) we want to get some feedback from you, our community, on our plans:


First, let's talk about food. There will be hunger and thirst bars, before the mass panic you'll be glad to know that a lack of food and water will not kill you but it does affect your Health and Stamina regeneration - being well fed and watered means you can recover faster than if you're hungry and thirsty. Food itself is unlikely to have as much as an impact (other than the hunger and thirst bars) on regeneration as they did in FoM however we want it to still be worthwhile eating food of various types. Food is produced using specialised production terminals (called kitchens) from ingredients combined into recipes. Once you know a recipe you'll know it until permadeath. We want there to be an element of experimentation when it comes to food so you'll be able to discover recipes both from talking to other players and from mixing ingredients into different slots in the kitchen and using different methods (frying, baking, steaming etc). Kitchens are available in most apartments though cheaper apartments will have fewer options for preparation method (i.e. starter apartments have a microwave while high-end apartments have everything) and industrial kitchens found in businesses will have various bonuses either in speed or recipes available. Finished food comes in various qualities that will impact the amount of hunger and thirst restored this is impacted by ingredients and type.

Food ingredients come in three basic types, Vat, Fresh and Flavourings. Vat food as I'm sure you'll be able to guess from the lore come in a few basic types Yellow (Sheet, Grain, Flour), Red, Blue, Green and White. Vat food is produced in vats from various harvested ingredients (such as biomass and proteins). Flavourings come in a wide variety of types (and will be addressed in the chemicals part below) but these are particularly important when it comes to vat food (which is bland and requires the flavourings to make tastes distinct). The various fast-food franchises have their own flavourings that those who have bought a franchise can use. Fresh food is produced at farms on the frontier and includes a wide variety of ingredients (not all farms produce all things - depends on colony improvements though in general farms produce their ingredients over time). Ingredients impact the amount of hunger and thirst restored for each recipe - the better the ingredients the more hunger and thirst restored with vat food, in general, being inferior to the equivalent fresh food.

Recipes come in three basic types, snacks, hand food and meals. This relates to the states required for consumption, snacks - snack bars, crisps, drinks cans etc, can be eaten on the move. Hand foods - most fast food, sandwiches, etc, can be eaten anywhere while seated or while moving for a severe movement penalty. Meals - nice meals and shared drinks (such as wine) etc, must be eaten at a table. The recipe type generally determines the max amount of hunger or thirst restored with snacks restoring the least and full meals the most.


Chemicals are produced at chemical stations from various raw chemical ingredients extracted from specialised mining systems, these ingredients would be mixed in varying amounts to create differing end products. Like with food we'd like an element of experimentation here. In order to show to the system what type of chemical is being produced, we'd have a few ingredients that would show what is to be produced (i.e. msg for flavourings, or complex carbons for plastics etc.) This would be used to produce the various chemical products that are required for secondary and tertiary production within the Union. This system would also be vital for the clothing and armouring industries as it allows players to produce a wide variety of colours for dyes meaning we can get a wide variety of uniform, fashion and styles of clothing without requiring a vast amount of cuts/models. There is also an advantage to this system in that we can easily add new items as the game goes on, meaning that technology can progress within the universe of MR without us having to adjust huge swathes of pmods.


Drugs work exactly like chemicals but are produced at special chemical stations (or ones that have had the legality interlocks hacked) - we want to work on various ways of making drugs somewhat exclusive without doing so artificially. One suggestion is to have one or two ingredients that are only available at Synd HQ (or creatable using Synd pmods) that are vital for the most useful (or interesting) narcotics. Like with ordinary chemicals we can easily add new types of drugs as the game goes on, meaning that there can always be a new 'hip' designer drug for the elites of the Union to try.
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Fooood, as a member of the ol' Food Council, it pleases my bones to see how dynamic yall are looking at handling food. I like the different types and ways to make each one, can't wait to try it out and provide better feedback to perfect it.

On the topic of drugs, I like the idea of having a couple of vital ingredients exclusive to The Syndicate. As it allows us to control the drug game more but doesn't stop anyone from still being able to produce a couple of their own, maybe of lesser quality.

As for creating them, you can expand it more with looking to have different quality levels of the same type of drug. Depending on how well the drug was made it would increase the boosting effect, remove negatives, etc. They can be crafted at various spots, ranging in quality of producing drugs. Such as on the streets/bathtub vs A drug lab or HQ terminals are locations that can affect how the drug turns out. Same with anything that affects it, getting chemical amounts right, managing/watching your drugs mix and be produced as a "violent reaction" can happen and affect how they turn out. Something like a minigame or just basic oversight on your cooking process can help keep the process stable and make your drugs turn out right without too many negative impacts. This allows different qualities/versions of the same drug to be made, making sometimes going to a more expensive dealer better, allows for less competition and opens a broader market the more variables you include into the production process.

I also do like you guys able to continue to add things here and there and allow new things to be made/progress/keep things new. This could be faction goals to maybe do objectives/complete minor goals that can lead up to a new invention taking place. This would work for the corps and clans to push the faction to complete minor goals and in the end, new products or drugs can be pushed out/discovered. Maybe the inventor(s)/discoveror(s) can name the object. (pending approval)

~My 3cents
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In response to drug production, which was only the real ecoing I did in FoM:

I think there were a couple of flaws in drug production in fom that could be done better here. Two major ones come to mind.

Firstly, the production process should be more involved. In fom, it was the same as any other ecoing process except the final stage, and that was pretty much the same except you needed a code to the drug and it used a different interface. This led to BoS having ecoing parties of mass producing drugs while doing missions, which ultimately meant that a bunch of BoS would sit around and chat shit for two hours while processes ran and all the costs of producing the drugs were covered by the mission. The point of making drugs should be to then sell them to make a profit but in fom you made money just for making them, so many just kept them for self-use or made them for orders put in by other individuals. For producing illicit narcotics, I think it'd be beneficial to make the process more involved, require a real monetary investment, and be somewhat risky (i.e. allow CPC some way to discover someone is producing drugs and also take down drug labs, while SYN can build them elsewhere and ideally hidden away).

Secondly, the ability to produce drugs internally should be controllable by SYN leadership. In fom, there was a serious issue with too many cooks in the kitchen. Because it was so simplistic and unrestricted to produce drugs, everyone in BoS did it. The part that was supposed to be the gatekeeper for it were the codes, but everyone had them saved in a note and forwarded to anyone who asked for it. Essentially, it meant that every member of BoS had their own operation of producing and selling (if they even actually did) drugs. It also meant that everyone in BoS competed among each other and despite faction rules opposing it, members undercut each other because there was no real way to enforce it and drugs were cheap as balls. Allowing SYN to restrict it, can make it so there are significantly less people who can/will produce drugs, and they will in turn provide it to other faction members to sell them. It'll lessen the overflow and create more opportunities for SYN as a group to profit as a collaboration rather than a bunch of competitors.

I grossly feel I worded this poorly so if need be I can rephrase/elaborate another time.

As a side note on the custom drug topic: I think it'd be good if in whatever process it was that the producers had to make drugs, there was a fair bit of space for experimentation that would change the pros/cons of particular drugs or even the potential to effect other characteristics. As an example scenario, perhaps there could be a new meta or discovery that would be aided by a drug that effects a certain characteristic (like ana with stamina, coca with resistance, etc) but that drug doesn't currently exist. So producers experiment and try to fill that need by imposing a new drug. That new drug can be very valuable while it is still in low supply and high demand due to a meta change.