Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?



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Personally, I prefer global since it will drive the conflict, I still remember in the old tibia days fighting other players because they stole my loot, yeah it's a bit unfair but it creates social interactions between players on an auto-pilot activity which is hunting AI enemies.

I plan on adding an animation when you're looting (so players know who's actually accessing the loot) and loot dropped will show on a chat event message ( X dropped X item, X item...) (Gethori Leech dropped ammo, alien egg, alien carcass).

That should give more transparency over the loot and then players can react accordingly.

I can also whip up a system where the loot gets locked to the person who did most of the damage for x secs and then after the timer is up, everyone else can access it.
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Nov 30, 2019
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If you want to deter loot stealers you can do it in other ways. Making looting a 2-3 second animation that everyone else can see. This makes the looting player vulnerable, and makes it obvious he or she is actually looting instead of standing still next to a dead enemy.

You just need to make sure players have the information they need to make decisions. Is that player looting our kill? Yes, we can see their looting animation. Do we have time to intervene? Yes, it takes 3-5 seconds to complete the looting--plenty of time to stun/kill the player. This would make it so if you wanted to "steal" loot, you have to fight for it first before you can take it. Whether that's easier than just killing AI yourself would need balanced.