Community Input - PvE loot, instanced or global?



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Jun 1, 2017
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Personally, I prefer global since it will drive the conflict, I still remember in the old tibia days fighting other players because they stole my loot, yeah it's a bit unfair but it creates social interactions between players on an auto-pilot activity which is hunting AI enemies.

I plan on adding an animation when you're looting (so players know who's actually accessing the loot) and loot dropped will show on a chat event message ( X dropped X item, X item...) (Gethori Leech dropped ammo, alien egg, alien carcass).

That should give more transparency over the loot and then players can react accordingly.

I can also whip up a system where the loot gets locked to the person who did most of the damage for x secs and then after the timer is up, everyone else can access it.
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