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Hello Citizens,

These threads give you the opportunity to assist the development of Mankind Reborn, we are a community driven game, so it's ideal to allow our community to influence the development of the game. Here's how this will work, we will work on the design of X feature internally, then bring up a community input thread to allow the community to voice their opinion and give ideas on the feature, we'll then grab ideas from both the developers and the community to further expand on the features and then finalize it in the Game Design Document, this is your time to shape the future of mankind! :)

Let's begin.

The team has been working hard on the design document and we wanted to share what we have so far regarding recycling/scrapping, we're interested in hearing your feedback so we can view these features from the player's perspective and adjust them better, all of these features are being actively designed and we're planning on starting to implement the system around October/November, maybe before if the other tasks get completed before then.

What is Recycling?
  • Recycling is the act of breaking down a Production Item or Refined Material in to its more basic elements such as Raw Materials.
  • These materials can then either be sold, Recycled further or used again in Production.
How can players Recycle?
  • Players must use Recycling Terminals found at certain locations in the game world to retrieve materials from Recycling.
How are items or materials which can be recycled obtained?
  • Players can buy Producible Items or Refined Materials from a Player Owned Store or World Market. These can then be recycled.
  • All Enemy Drones and Aliens drop relevant loot which can be recycled.
  • Some Enemy Drones and Enemy Androids will require Hacking to gain access to their loot and recyclable items.
  • Looting Producible Items or Refined Materials from a dead player's Loot Pack will give items which can be recycled.
  • Some Refined Materials and Raw Materials can only be obtained by killing Enemy Drones, Enemy Aliens or Enemy Androids.
Can all Producible Items be recycled?
  • No, only damaged Producible Items can be recycled. They must have a less than 100% Durability to be eligible. (With the exception of items that don't lose durability)
  • The less Durability an item has, the less Refined Materials it will yield when recycled.
Do players always get the same items and amounts from recycling?
  • No, the exact Refined Materials or Raw Materials given every time when recycling will vary so it isn't predictable.
  • The type of Refined Materials or Raw Materials given for each item will be the same and be relevant to the Production process.
  • The amount of Refined Materials or Raw Materials given when recycling will also vary every time.
  • Some Bionics can be used to increase chance of yielding more and rarer Refined Materials and Raw Materials.
Does recycling cost anything?
  • Yes, there is a Union Credit cost for every Producible Item or Refined Material that is recycled.
  • Some of the cost will go to the Terran Union, some of the cost will go to the Colony Owner as Taxes.
  • The cost of recycling will vary based on the taxes set by the Colony Owner.
  • Recycling Terminals may be hacked to reduce the costs involved by 30%.
When something is Recycled where do the new Refined Materials or Raw Materials go?
  • When the recycling process is complete, any Refined Materials or Raw Materials are sent straight to the Storage Terminal on the current world.
  • The player is given a notification in the Event Log when something is recycled and sent to the Storage Terminal.


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Can I recycle turrets for much more credits than what they costs? Asking for a friend



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From what i read above, everything sounds good and properly functioning to me for now. Although i would like to wait and test it come next test session and put it into action before i give my final opinion.

John White


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Durability affects not as much the amount of materials, but the type.
So up to some point you mostly get refined materials and few raw ones, but after durability falls low enough you will only get raw materials.

Would be great if it gave the exact amount and type that was used in the production (+ - 1)