Deployable Turrets



Jul 24, 2017
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I'd like to preface this discussion by saying that I don't like features getting in the way of mechanical skill in skirmishes. That said, deployable turrets that were discussed earlier to be added have the potential to interfere with the above, (think fotd's stupid fucking EVE skill tree bs, or drones to an extent) which is why I'd like to open this thread for alternatives approaches for turrets to operate.

I understand the need for turrets to provide a semi safe area/protection similar to what the drones do right now. However, I think adding them as deployables is going to effect gameplay negatively. Skirmishes could potentially be won by which side has more deployable turrets instead of skill or manpower, with little consequence or mechanics required, acting as a stand-in for player input. My idea is simply to scrap the deployable turrets all together.

Instead, turrets, as they have been in the past, should remain a privilege for a faction that controls a colony (we already have drones to deal with that aren't going away anytime soon). But, adding to this, it would be neat to see some level of player interaction with this system in that the turret placement around the colony would be designated by the faction in control. This could be done by devs setting strategic key points around the map that a turret could be placed at. The faction in control would decide which points they would like to set up turrets on, and the amount of turrets they could erect would be less than the amount of key points provided, maybe this pool could be increased by over time if they remain in control or some other system like using faction funds to purchase the right to place more turrets (hell, turrets might even have to be eco'd and replaced instead of respawning).

In conclusion, nty deployable turrets.