Design for stunning and arresting mechanics?

Jun 20, 2019
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This is such a complicated topic now that I'm thinking through ideas. We really need to look at the technology that is available in the new MKR. I'm assuming we still have a capability to just through a walk through a Stargate (for lack of a better word)? We're talking about complete demolecularization and reassembly from point A to point B - sometimes millions of miles (theoretically) across a solar system. Could this technology be mobilized? What if the further from the destination the more power was required to send you there?

Stun Mechanic (conventional):

- In order to stun someone you need a power source. Conventional weapons like tasers require the power source to be attached to the stun prongs or whatever is touching the body of the object being jolted. In the past, FOM assumed a 20th/21st century stun gun mechanic. This limits distance.
o Stun "rounds" do not work under this conventional meta because the power source has to be in the round and in a conventional setting, the only projectiles I know of that can be fired from a gun without doing penetration damage to a target are fired with compressed air (combustion isn't practical). It might be possible to invent a special gun with a single round - similar to how a blow dart would poison someone without killing them.

Stun Mechanic (futuristic):

- Futuristic stun mechanics involve something like a stun rifle that can shoot a beam of energy at a target at range. Now the further the distance, the more energy in the beam is distributed into the air and environment around it, so it loses power with distance. Think Princess Leia being stunned by stormtroopers as they're taking over Tantive IV.
o I like this mechanic except too much distance between gunner and target makes it have potentially too much power.

So are you going to choose conventional or futuristic? Either way, someone with a ton of electricity pumping through their body is going down unless they're on some major mind altering drugs - then you might need to hit them a few times.

Once stunned, the suspect needs to be apprehended / subdued / immobilized. I don't personally like the escort to extraction of a prisoner idea. It feels like it could become complicated and buggy. In order to prevent abuse of the escort / "pokeball" idea, the offender should always have the onscreen option to just click a button and immediately be teleported to jail.

But now that we have stargates, why can't we mobilize that technology?
- Offender gets stunned
- Any Officer subdues the subject (stun cuffs / hand cuffs / whatever - (needs to be an equipped single-use inventory item)
- Any Officer tags the offender once subdued with a type of locator beacon - (again - equipped single-use item)
- Any Officer calls for extraction (a period of time elapses waiting for extraction - maybe 15-20 seconds)
- The tagged offender gets extracted (beamed) to a high security room on the same planet. The officer could choose to extract as well. I'm thinking this happens through some sort of orbital platform (which would be interesting if a faction could attack it and take it offline or change its code to use it themselves on that particular planet). The high security room could be broken into - but would be incredibly difficult. The prisoner would have the option to "stargate" anytime to the penal colony or would be forced to do so after X minutes.

The "pokeball" idea is interesting. I agree - keep it simple. If the orbital platform isn't capable of extraction or doesn't exist on the backwater colony, then some other "escort" / "pokeball" mechanism must be implemented.



Nov 5, 2017
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I really like the idea to get rid of the instant-teleport arrest system from FoM. Having to cuff your suspect and put him into custody adds more social interaction to the game which is really good.

Not a fan of the auto-drag though. I think Day Z had a pretty good handcuffing mechanic where it would deny you to use any items and your speed would be considerably decreased. If the culprit tries to escape again the CPC officer can just stun him again or even use lethal force in last resort.
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