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Hello Citizens,

It’s been an eventful two months for us. As you may or may not know, a week or so ago we began interviewing and selecting a variety of people to fill faction leadership positions. Overall, the community engagement was quite overwhelming as a lot of people decided to give it a go and send in their submissions. The foremost idea behind it all is to experiment with our faction-mechanics, and quite possibly build a groundwork in terms of solid leadership for when we launch the game. However, due to a shortage of time, we had chosen to reschedule some of the mechanics in favor of the game's stability and playability.

I would also like to update you guys of the fact we have done a lot of networking optimizations, heaps of overall bug fixes behind the scenes and loads of AI-tweaks. These are way too much to reference individually and, truthfully, are quite monotonous to read about, so I’ll save you the time and hassle.

We know everyone's inquisitive about upcoming play dates and rest assured, I'm the bringer of good news. We will be organizing a testing session during the Game Developer Conference (March 18-22, 2019). If all goes well, we will most likely start testing a week earlier but that isn't set in stone, so don't take my word for it at this moment. Our safe date is during GDC.

Once we return from GDC, we will heavily concentrate our attention on character customization and all social aspects of Mankind Reborn. For real, I'm talking full force! We can't wait to unveil what we have in store for you.

Oh, and down below is recorded footage of a developer playtest in which we took on Assault Drones and Berserker Drones, pretty hefty stuff! It also showcases various levels. Hope you dig what we have!


Space Station One

Oh yes! A brand-new level to behold, it always provides a particular level of delight few topics can achieve, and rightfully so! Space Station One, or SS1 for short, acts as an important hub from Earth. It has a shuttleport that connects Earth to Ceres (Prison), Getha and Mars and is one of the main stopovers for cargo transports. We began blocking out the level and are also slowly placing art assets as well. While we have all of the technical aspects available for Space Station One, we'll also have the lore ready for it by the end of this month.









First up on faction-mechanics is the vast improvement concerning the implementation of our chat system. Players are now able to chat with members of their faction in their respective faction chat. What is presently included is a message’s timestamp, the player's rank, and character name. We will also be implementing unique chat colors in faction chat for specific ranks so that players can swiftly differentiate a low-ranking grunt from a high-ranking officer, and then act on that knowledge, and we are thinking about also adding in a player’s faction— we’ll see how that goes later on. Vicinity and global chat (global chat being only accessible for testing) will not include these features.

Global server messages are now active as well. They will be informing players of future maintenances, announcements, events and much more.

We have worked hard on implementing psionics and it is now fully functional in the game. They’ll work similarly to our other weapons in terms of mechanics— the only difference would be that instead of using standard ammunition, they use psi-power, which is similar to bio-energy. We’ve also implemented our very first long-range sniper weapon, the Hummingbird Sharpshooter. Psionics and the sniper will be available for use in our upcoming playtest. Both of which can also be seen in action in the footage above.




All data is now also fully persistent; meaning, players are now able to log on/off, and still have their data saved on the server when they come back in. Your mining, production and market stuff will now be persistent, so they’ll still be there when you log back in— even after a server restart. Not only that, but boosters are also persistent now. The timer on boosters will pause when logged off and resume when logged in. If you die, the booster will end its timer and be destroyed. This will severely increase everyone's happiness while testing out the game.

A brand-new alien was added to Aurora! Be cautious of the Gethori Lurker as it can utterly overwhelm and crush imprudent adventurers.


Brand new music tracks have been added to the game and you will hear them across the worlds along with a custom-built ambient music player that now seamlessly loops any tracks, which means we can use non-seamless music and blend it nicely. Sorry, no example for now. :(


High Command Positions
We were pleased with the response from our community in regards to the number of High Command Applications, though they were variable in quality. The agencies were clearly more popular than the other factions but this is to be expected. As you will see, we have some slots open in all the factions so please keep those applications coming.

Please note that allocations to a particular department are not final, nor are the names of the departments.


Terran Defence Corps

General Remus Campbell

Colonel Tornadium

Major Lord Adder of the Grenadiers department
Major Euphoria of the Jaegers department - Pending Interview
Major Jeff Dillinger of the Union Training Cadre department


Civil Protection Commission

Commissioner Qiang Féng

Commandant Safwan
Commandant Litheius

Superintendent Sir John Michael of the Immigration & Customs Service department
Superintendent Atrocity Lone of the Earth Patrol department - Pending Interview
Superintendent Scavy of the Colonial Protection Unit department
Superintendent David Ord of the Criminal Investigation Unit department - Pending Interview
Superintendent Joshua Jones of the Custodial Detention Division department - Pending Interview


Guns of the Conclave

Princeps Komeas Thompson

Leader Orion Pax (own cell)
Leader Chamberlen - Pending Interview


The Syndicate

First Master Haru Nenji

Master Cadonez (own gang)
Master Egroeg (own gang)


Avalon Enterprises

Director Sir Paxton Cunningham

Junior Partner Ranfre of Department of Earth
Junior Partner John White of Department of Sustenance - Pending Interview


Oda Zaibatsu

President Onomoto Katsukiyo

Daimyo Jackal - Pending Interview


North Star Mining

Chief Executive Marcus Copper

Senior Executive Scouse - Pending Interview

Junior Executive Gavin of the Board of Education department - Pending Interview
Junior Executive Randolf Charger of the Mining and Resources department - Pending Interview

Sadly, there were no viable applicants for Followers of Eternity. We're hoping to fill these positions in the upcoming weeks.



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