Eurocore / Vortex Inc Roll Call



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Jan 27, 2019
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G'day. I was VI from mid '07 until FOM died briefly sometime in '08. Spent about 6 months in the group, same time as Nico Truscello (guy who started this thread). Good times. I forget the name of the R7, as he wasn't particularly active, but we had guys like Cloud Caraway, his brother Praetor Maximus, King Lionheart, and Johnny Dremak in R6 positions. I took over for Johnny Dremak in Internal Affairs after a few months, due to him stepping down due to work commitments. Good group of guys and we had a healthy player base for a while there. I was one of the few Aussies in FOM, which worked well as I was taking a break from University so I'd come online all day and war alongside the EC lads.

It was around that same time that the movie "300" came out and all the MotB lads took "Spartan Law" as their motto. We'd just get on the troll train and yell out "For Sparta!" before running in to battle against them, though we'd just yell it out and run straight through them and out the other side to the teleport room with our pre-purchased tickets. Usually wouldn't fire a single shot. If you can't beat them, troll them. Good times.