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The slums of Earth’s Mega-Cities proved to be the perfect breeding ground for fanaticism and dissent. The Followers of Eternity have no grounded history; their origin is fragmented amongst the various slums from where they came. The faction started life as a quasi-charity group sometime in the early 22nd century seeking to improve the lives of those who lived in the squalled urban centers; they soon realized that real change would only come through anarchy. The 'charity' organized into street gangs and set up 'education hubs' from which their movement gained a mass following amongst the young, oppressed low entry union workers and the many forgotten who dwell at street level. The group's aim is simple, resist the Union and their corrupt corporate masters - modeling themselves as 'enlightened anarchists' out to smash the system.

The rag-tag anarchist group re-branded themselves the “Followers of Eternity”, they see themselves as an enlightened few who refuse to work for the Corporate led regime and seek a better way of life away from the pollution and grime of their homes on Earth. The Followers have a quasi-cult fascination with 'transhumanism' believing that change comes from altering one's perception of reality, be it through recreational drug use or invasive implant grafting. Many disciples of the group have undergone surgical procedures to alter themselves artificially, the teachings of the followers see the adoption of new technology as a gift that should be exploited to increase their state of being and overall effectiveness to the cause. This willingness, acceptance, and integration of technology have given them an edge over the more conventional criminal street gangs within contested sprawls, allowing the group to take territories from rival clans and neighborhood enforcers easily.

The Union Government would brand them terrorists but has instead taken a warier stance due to the massive influence the group now has within the various more deprived areas of Earth's inner-cities. Needless to say, the Union maintains a watchful eye on the Followers, their progress, and their overall goals, intervening only when absolutely necessary. Prosecutions of the more vocal and active troublemakers are carried out when all other alternatives have failed as to avoid protest or outright civil unrest, this lack of direct action by the Union Government hasn't gone unnoticed within the Follower's command structure and is often exploited as a recruitment or media relations tool.

In the past twelve months, the loosely formed 'command' structure of the followers underwent a bloody reformation; a purge took place replacing many of the more restrained leadership with those supporting a mysterious yet charismatic individual who has appointed himself the Followers' "Patriarch". He so far has promised to bring change, making impassioned speeches, claiming to be paving the way forward towards a more prosperous future for the organization.

Union Intelligence agencies have been left baffled as to who this character is, unable to narrow down his true identity. He remains unknown on any criminal or corporate database, for all intents and purposes he is a ghost to the system, the man only refers to himself as 'Pallas'.

Patriarch 'Pallas' of the Followers of Eternity said:
Brothers and Sisters, it is imperative to realize that our revolution, our future, is not an apple that merely falls when it is ripe... you must break the branch to make it fall...
Since 'Pallas' took control of the organization, direct action against police patrols and military convoys have increased, protest movement and recruitment amongst the Followers is up around twenty-five percent on the previous year. Confrontation with the state seems inevitable, is this push a means of merely asserting themselves as a key player on the galactic stage or all out revolution? It remains to be seen.

Along with the groups increasing sporadic attacks on Union and corporate targets, the Followers have begun pushing into criminal enterprises both on and off world, picking more frequent fights with street gangs over territory and engaging in ever more illicit activity in order to further fund their rapidly growing movement. Sympathetic citizens to their cause are paying protection money by directly funding fronts within the various entertainment districts where both legitimate revenue and dirty money filters into the Followers' coffers. Worryingly for the corporations, the Followers' message has begun to influence members of their own scientific and engineering workforce, with reports of corporate employees deserting their posts to join the group. Newly engineered implants are finding their way onto the shadow markets with informants claiming the Followers are responsible for the development and release of the new grafting bionic hardware — the followers are emerging as a new unsanctioned corporate competitor within the field of biomechanical implants, causing worry for the old Union Guard...

The new Patriarch is not only charismatic but is determined to revolutionize the Followers, he clearly has a plan in play to assert his wishes within both the Union controlled territories and the criminal hives, his motives seem clear, but his methods are yet to be fully realized.

(flag emblem)

Unknown, speculated near New Terra​

Ranks of the Followers of Eternity

The Patriarch is the grand leader of the Followers; he has control over the Synod and all sects within the Faithful, when he speaks the Synod along with the Sects listen.

Senior members of the Followers, discuss and lay plans amongst themselves via meetings of the Synod, they seek ultimate guidance from their Patriarch.

An adept individual who has proven themselves capable of administering their own Sect within the Followers has the ear of the Synod and obeys their orders.

A respected individual within the Followers that assist in the administration of a sect alongside the Prefect, laying down direction and orders through the scribe and disciples.

Will guide the lower ranks within their sects and take direction from the Acolyte, the well-seasoned faithful on the streets and territories.

A true member of the Followers and the Faithful, they are the street pastors following the bidding of their sects Acolyte, taking their initial guidance from their Scribe mentors.

Now understanding the basic teachings a Cleric has proven themselves deserving of promotion, they must, however, prove themselves as truly a member of the faithful.

The first step into the life of a Follower, a Novice will learn the teachings and the light towards ascension.​

Sects of the Followers

The Faithful - The foot soldiers of the followers, the faithful are numerous, they are true believers bent on spreading the message of the Patriarch and ensuring the organizations' enemies are crushed. From defending or assaulting territory through to ensuring the newly crafted 'bionics' reach their market, numerous sects make up the ranks of the faithful.

Scrivener Sect - Often abbreviated to simply 'Sect' their members are made up of talented scientists and engineers tasked with developing the new 'bionics' for release on the black market providing the followers with a much-needed revenue stream. The word of the 'Sect' is held in high regard among the leaders of the Followers.

Principal Synod - The leaders of the Followers, the organizations' higher-ups form the 'Principal Synod.' Every decision taken is uttered in the secretive halls of the Synod and then passed down through the ranks of the Faithful and Scrivener for completion, for tasks requiring a little more brutality the Synod will often turn to the Umbra.

Umbra Creed - What little is known about the 'Umbra' has largely been gathered from lengthy interrogations of interned senior follower members. The Umbra is the premier fighting and professional assassination unit of the followers, engaging in advanced tactics, utilizing the best bionics and illicit boosters available on the black market. CPC's direct attempts to infiltrate the Unit have proven fruitless; the Umbra is likely primarily comprised of turned ex-military and mercenary types with extensive combat experience.
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Followers of Eternity
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I have made an official unofficial discord server for Followers of Eternity.

There is a bunch of channels already set up so until MR is released and people's positions / ranks confirmed these channels are not currently visible.


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This is really good, great job guys!
Also despite having my mind set on a different faction, I am so tempted to join this, get R5 and go around RPing as this guy

Hari Seldon


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Already going apparently, FoE seems cool. Lots of things for who the R7s will be, ghosts in the machine ect.


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Great work guys. Really had a tough time deciding on which faction to join. Guess FoE is truly the go to place.



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Current SJWs wont like being told by the patriarchy on what to do. And my god, he is the leader? Im instantly offended and i am currently writing nasty letters to all devs. Letters shall be sent by post because using email offends me.

Ps. Lore is great ;)
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Will these augmentations be shown on FoE character models?


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I remember many moons ago and I got the chance to see Cap's magic at work when he created this logo. Good times