Game Update: New weapons, weapon animations, holster/unholster, ADS, burst/auto fire, and more!

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May 3, 2023
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I've been hitting the remaining weapon features hard for the past few days now, instead of just reworking the same exact implementations we had before, I decided to opt out from using the legacy code as a reference and just built things from scratch using better methods, which helped a lot in reducing a bunch of redundancy and boilerplate code the legacy code had, the new implementations are miles ahead of what was previous done. New things include:
  • New animated weapon models (Planning on replacing most of the old weapon models)
  • New animations
  • Reworked Holster/Unholster (Animations are not final)
  • Reworked ADS
  • Implemented burst, auto and other fire modes to weapons
  • New audio framework for weapon sounds, utilizing UE5's new Metasounds (And likely other things)
  • New high quality weapon sounds
  • New particle effects for weapons, using UE5's Niagara
  • A bunch of improvements with nanite/lumen on UC Industrial and other worlds
  • And a multitude of other things which I forgot due to being carried away by the work
Next thing on my plate is reworking the ammo/reload mechanics, especially implementing multiple ammo type support to get that out of the way since it has parallels with the current work. Also my animator friend is jumping onboard to help out with new weapon-specific animations and fixing the old armor sets so they're usable with the new character models.

New energy weapon models, animations and VFX:
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