Game Update: UE5 Lumen Performance Optimizations

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May 3, 2023
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After moving to UE5 and forcing lumen as part of the game I knew it was going to be a performance hog, so it was important to balance out the quality vs. performance. I did a round of optimization and managed to shave off an average of 1.50ms-2.0ms of frame time from lumen, plus tweaked other settings which bumped the average framerate I got inside the editor from 40-60fps to an average of 60-90fps (Play in editor performance is usually half of what you would get when running the game as standalone, especially on Shipping configuration).

There's still a lot of room for additional tweaks to boost the frames even more, but I'm quite happy with the performance I'm getting inside the editor and I still haven't tested a full build yet, which should run better as it's not running the editor under the hood. Yes, this does mean that the minimum requirements have increased, you'd need at least an nvidia gtx 10 series or equivalent to run the game with an average performance, preferably a 20 series card or higher, we'll have DLSS 3 and FSR 2 available, so that will help in boosting performance. If you'd like to test your current hardware to see if it will run MR decently, play Fortnite with lumen and nanite enabled, my 2080ti runs that nicely at around 90fps average with a mix of ultra/high settings.

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