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Jun 3, 2017
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After the fun beef me, The Bluntforce, and The Syndicate had a few hours ago. Me and a few other BluntForce members has come to a realisation that the Semi Weapons in the game is really underwhelming. I brought up the points to BioXide that me and the other BluntForce concluded from the beef and BioXide told me to go make a forum thread and discuss it with the community. Before stating any of my points and reasoning, take a look at this video first :

This video is only edited for a slowmotion , I didnt edit any part to have a zoomed in look or any of that sort. If it does look like it is zoomed in, it is because I am either ADS, using a first person view, or a combination of both. This video only highlights the worst and most obvious and glaring problem. There are alot more where that came from that is not posted in the video for the reasons of either being too hard to make out from the recordings OR I am too lazy to edit them into the video.

Some of you may not have experienced enough of the combat to judge this post but this is the conclusion that me and the other BluntForce members who have shot alot of guns came up to. I am by no means an expert of the combat nor do I claim that I am good. This is just me stating my experience of testing the combat for hundreds of hours.

This is how guns are supposed to work :
Automatic : Shoots fast but inaccurate
Semi : Shoots slow but accurate

Right now it works like this :
Automatic : shoots fast but inaccurate
Semi : shoots slow AND inaccurate.

This is BioXide's take on the issue :

"but you're all using mid to long range weapons in close/medium range"

"spread is bad on bsars, you're meant to shoot slower, use aim boosters or ads more "

"semis have range advantage over autos and higher damage per shot, making spread non relevant will break balance for all weapons

shoot slower"

This is my counter arguements :

Autos already has a MUCH higher DPS than the semis in addition to that, using only the food booster which provides -1.5 spread already makes the autos HIGHLY accurate while the semis NEEDS to use the neurofinil AT LEAST to make any noticebale spread reduction. Using only the dandan with -1.5 spread doesnt do anything for the semis as you can see from the videos. I DONT suggest removing the Spread of Semis entirely BUT the current value we have is TOO high. The current value makes it so that you are FORCED to use the Neurofinil (a Drug) to even have any NOTICEABLE Spread reduction. Semis already has ALOT more slower base firespeed than the Autos. BUT you are FURTHER forced to shoot EVEN SLOWER because of the Spread. This is also FURTHER amplified by range as the further your target is, the MORE you need to FURTHER wait for the crosshair to be PERFECTLY still as even a SLIGHT spread would miss the target if you are fighting at a long range. This is EVEN MORE amplified by weapon tiers as the higher the tier goes, the worse the spread gets. The higher tier semi automatic weapons are meant for longer range fights but instead they are HIGHLY inaccurate. Higher tier weapons already has a SLOWER firespeed, you dont need to FURTHER FORCE people to make it shoot slower by having a high spread value.

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Sep 27, 2020
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I have to say that smg's stay accurate enough you dont really have to burst and the current effects dazzle the tits out of your enemies, we had alot of luck switching from t3 rifles down to t1 smgs, the accuracy mean almost 50% of shots where easily headshots