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Mar 28, 2018
The Syndicate
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The barrier shimmered, granting him access to the dark hallway ahead. Horatio tightened his arms around him, anxiety creeping up his spine. “In, boss wants to see you.”, the burly man dressed in black and red grunted at him. With the turret sights flashing over him, he decided he was dead here or there. May as well get warm before the end, he thought to himself solemnly. He proceeded down the gloomy hallway, bathed in faint neon light. The clamor rose as he approached the emblazoned curtains. The sharp edges of the Syndicate sigil was almost painful to look at. In front of the curtains stood one of the most wanted criminals in the entire Union. His face had sunk into Horatio’s mind during CPC training on the crime families. Grand larceny, destruction of property, 1st degree murder, hacking of government AI all came to mind. At the forefront of Horatio’s mind was his status of Capo of the (redacted). The Salamander eyed him up and down.
“You really fucked up.”
“I nev-”
“Too late for all that now. He’s waiting.”
He pulled back the curtain revealing the Underworld of (redacted). Faces that Horatio had arrested, beaten, bribed, and been killed by all flashed him looks of recognition. Nobody stood to challenge him though. They all knew he was about to get something much worse. Horatio met each of their gazes as he passed through the room of haze, narcotics, and gambling. All around him the flags of the (redacted) hung leaving no question to whose establishment this was. Their pride would be their downfall, Horatio thought to himself. He dropped the beacon in the mole’s drink as he passed by. He walked through the curtains on the other side of the club. This hallway was even darker than the last, barely lit by a strip of red neon overhead. Along both walls stood men encased in armor, weapons glistening in the dim red light. “The master will see you now” all 6 said in unison. The door opened at the end of the hall, revealing a room full of warm light the closer Horatio came. Inside was a single wooden desk, a plush chair, a banner with the Kanji for fire painted on it, and a dark man in expensive looking clothing.
“Take a seat.” the man said warmly.
“A pleasure to see you again my friend.”
“I wish i could say the same” Horatio half whispered”
”Me as well, friend. As i’m sure you know the masters and I are displeased with your little escapades. And you know what that means.”
The big unplug flashed across Horatio’s mind. Evidently his face as well.
“Good, then i’ll spare the details. Your clones will be liquidated and you will cease. Honestly, it’s a shame it came to this.”
“Yea, it is.”
A single bead of sweat ran down Horatio’s cheek, dropping to the floor. As soon as it hit an explosion rocked the entire building.
“I see your friends are here.”
“This is just the beginning (redacted).”
“No Horatio. This is the end.”

((Longtime lurker, haven't seen much syndicate related content on here.))
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Jul 29, 2017
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Nice one hyper, where's epik these days


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Jun 14, 2017
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you can't end on a cliffhanger like that... wtf man