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This will be an introduction to my character, Jackson Krowley. This first part will be written in the first person.

"Who am I? I'm a nobody. Just a man who never lets a debt go unpaid. You need something? Ordinance? Stims? Clean water? A safe room to lay low? A bodyguard?All you have to do is ask. My prices are reasonable, so long as you agree to the terms and conditions. One: the products and services I provide are for personal consumption. Two: you don't do anything to cause me trouble... We are both professionals, after all. Three: you owe me a small favor that I may or may not cash in at a later date. If you can agree to my terms, we may have a long and healthy relationship.

The personal consumption clause is just that. If I trust you enough to sell you something, you don't hand it over to someone less stable. The no drama clause is just good for business- nobody wants to acknowledge that people like myself do more good than bad, they just want to turn me into a boogieman. I'm not giving them that option. And the favor? I'm cashing in a small favor to get your goods, I'll need a new favor to cover the transaction. Don't worry, it probably won't be that bad."

So, are we going to do business?"

Jackson Krowley ("Krowley" for short) has lived a fairly storied life. He keeps his childhood years to himself, doesn't speak much of his family, and Krowley probably isn't even his real name. He may or may not have been arrested and served time. He may or may not have gone AWOL from the Terran Defense Corps. He may or may not have been a puppet-master executive for Avalon Enterprises. He's certainly charismatic and charming, logical and methodical, resourceful and canny. He's good with a gun, but prefers the power of the pen over the sword, and won't often be found pulling a weapon unless circumstance dictates it. He's also very careful about skirting the law: he isn't afraid to break the rules, so long as the punishment can be negotiated.

Rumors swirl surrounding Krowley. They include:
-Hardened, lifetime criminal who has undergone major cosmetic alterations to start a new life
-Shadow executive who called the shots from the basement while the figureheads in the penthouse took the credit
-Father in the middle of a midlife crisis who is running from his problems
-AWOL soldier who murdered a fellow soldier and fled

The truth of who Krowley is:

Krowley is not his original name. Krowley was originally a corporal in the TDC, in the training division. He was honorably discharged, and joined Avalon Enterprises as a low level manager and working as an internal security agent for the company, tasked with protecting corporate secrets from those who would sell them. When he caught an employee actively selling corporate secrets, and witnessed what the corporation did to that employee, he left, vowing to never be put in that position again.

Krowley has since found himself in darker alleys, and it's been a great fit. He buys and sells goods under the table, as well as favors, information, and pretty much anything anyone could need. He's good with a gun and not afraid to get his hands dirty, but wetwork is always a last resort. He favors diplomacy and negotiation over outright force, and would rather economically starve and politically outmaneuver an enemy, than outright kill them. He also prefers to solve conflict at the lowest possible level, and the higher up the chain an issue goes, the more expensive it becomes.

Krowley is in his 30s, usually well dressed and groomed, he never speaks of a family (or speaks of anything personal, for the most part). His personality is that of a much more friendly-type, charismatic and open. When the Syndicate is muttered in social circles, it tends to have negative connotations to it, and he does everything he can to embody the opposite of those connotations.


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Cool character story!