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Terran Defense Corps
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===Character Profile===
Name: Johnathan "John" Darlington Adder
Age: 20
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Current Status: *In Transit to TDC Recruitment Center*

Background: Johnathan Darlington Adder was born in the year [REDACTED] AD to a small nuclear family that spent many generations dwelling in the city of Chicago located on the North American Continent, Earth.

John Adder's father, Wilhelm Adder, is a low level Employee working for Avalon Enterprises who is currently employed with manufacturing foodstuffs for the Department of Sustenance. John Adder's mother, Jessica Adder, was a Sergeant who served in the Terran Defence Corps' Jaegers. She was a distinguished soldier who proved to be capable of leadership actions during the [REDACTED] riots, after the unexpected loss of her unit's officers. Her Officer's commission was approved and she was supposed to arrive at the T.U.S. Nova Prime for her new posting for her Captaincy, but was lost during a malfunction aboard her transport vessel. Body Never Recovered. John Adder has been reported to have had a sister, but her identity and last known location have been tampered with.
Possible FOE interference?

Ever since the loss of his mother at the age of 10, John Adder was raised primarily by his father, who had fallen into a depressed state after the passing of his soulmate. The home life was never abusive, but a detachment from reality had left John Adder with a desire to leave his home and see the stars. This desire was fueled by a legend generated in his head about the heroic triumphs of his Saintly Mother, whose real characteristics appear to be more negative. This lead John Adder to see only two possible avenues for his future, to either toils his life away making food or find glory in national service. With his mind set on becoming a soldier like his late mother, John Adder spent the next 10 years of his life preparing mentally and physically for the endurance of the TDC training regimen.

===Updated Character Profile===
Name: Johnathan "John" Darlington Adder
Age: 34
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Rank: Colonel
Current Status: Commander of the Union Fleet Command
Updated Background: After his enlistment in [REDACTED] AD, John Adder had a rough beginning in his military career with his first assignment seeing him get jumped while on patrol by a group of Followers of Eternity fanatics. He was beaten and held hostage for four days until an opening appeared and he made his escape.

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