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Jul 23, 2019
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I was thinking on adding " kidnap person " options for mercenaries . This option will be based on a contract asked from other factions for mercenaries to kidnap a person . The contract can be accepted only by departments or clans inside mercenaries not single individuals . Once accepted the contract ,the dep members will have the option to kidnap the person activated,and the objective will be shown with Tag on theyer head for dep members like Kos and this kinde of shortcuts . '' this KP option will be same as Led arresting peoples , stun the person and then Kidnap HIm or her '' . Once Kidnapped the Victims will be vorted to respective mercenar departmen Hq Aprtment same as going to jail , with no right to teleport for x amount of time out of that place and with no right to chat on faction or do mails or anyother action when under the effect of kidnapping . once the time is done the victim can go free and the mercs get the money from the contractor .

Victims will have only the option to pay fee to get free during this time . The fee and time victims stays kidnapped will be calculated on his rank and on his amound of uc . higher the rank higher the time he shoud stay there . and the pay to get free will vary from 2% to 4 % of ucs victims have . the faction can pay for the victims too so important is some ones pay the fee and they get free .So if u kidnap a R7 he can stay up to 3 days on that place bc r7 are important and i didnt like watching r7 walking alone in the old fom so having bodyguards will be the solve kidnap propblem for them . what do u think ab this small idea . i have thought it further but i want u opinion ab this option and we can discus it further .. up to led detectives taking a contract too free the victim by completing small objectives ... let me know what do u think ab this :)


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Jun 1, 2017
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Thought I'd paste my reply in Discord here as well.

I don't think forcing someone to essentially become inactive when kidnapped and having no money is a good idea. I do like the idea behind it, but balancing this out would be insanely hard to do without throwing the game's fun factor straight out of the window which is what we're trying to avoid at all costs.