Lamral Kendros

Nov 12, 2018
The Syndicate
Rank: None
Service Points: 0
Born an only child into the Union City Freestate in the late 70’s, Lamral was brought up with a firm guiding hand during his formative years, courtesy of his matriarch - Maria Kendros’ background as a Consultant for Avalon Enterprises did not lend itself well to the more intimate, nurturing side of parenting, but did instil a rigorous sense of discipline in the boy from a young age.

His father, having been rehabilitated pending a lengthy stay within the CPC’s prison for an unlicensed firearm and narcotics possession charge, re-entered Lamral’s life at the age of 13. More laid back and approachable than Maria by nature, Takeshi bonded with the boy quickly - often taking him out into the City proper to immerse himself in the culture of the world around him.

Takeshi eventually landed himself a job at NeoNoodle as a waiter as part of his rehabilitation, and had a tendency to sneak food home for the family, much to Maria’s chagrin. Having done well enough without him around for the better part of ten years, she didn’t approve of his actions, even if such transgressions were minor compared to his previous convictions. Still, from what she’d heard. Oda were not known for their leniency when it came to theft.

Itching for a chance to prove himself and having a keen interest in exploring more of the Sol System, Lamral signed up to the TDC following its formation. Rising to the rank of Corporal in the Grenadiers, Kendros seemed to adapt well to warfare, at first. Over time, the man became a capable marksman and skilled engineer thanks to additional training.

Becoming deeply embroiled in military life, Lamral slowly lost his passion for adventure and became more and more disillusioned with the endless conflicts he found himself engaged in as part of the Corps, coming to a head during the Baal War where he lost sight in one of his eyes thanks to a shrapnel bomb piercing his heavy armour. Were he not a Grenadier, and outfitted as such, the explosion would have likely killed him outright.

Retiring due to injuries both physical and psychological, Corporal Kendros found himself at somewhat of a crossroads - with all the bloodshed he had witnessed in his time, he found it hard to integrate into civilian life in Union City. His mother having moved off-world, Kendros elected to move in with his father.

It emerged, as time went on, that Takeshi had been smuggling packages for the Syndicate to make ends meet - having been removed from NeoNoodle just after Lamral left for service. Intrigued by the line of work, and seduced by the amount of credits his father managed to pull in, the ex-Corporal asked his father to arrange a meeting with his contact.

Months passed, and Lamral had settled into his new role as a glorified bodyguard for his father while he worked to prove himself to the Syndicate. One night, a deal turned south and Takeshi ended up taking more than his fair share of bullets thanks to a CPC sting operation. Managing to take out a few of the officers and protect the package with his ex-service rifle, Lamral was fully inducted into the Syndicate. With his father taken into custody, Lamral’s journey in Mankind Reborn begins with him forging a new life and working to free his father.
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