Local Markets, shipment cost and hacking/patrolling the market.



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Jun 28, 2017
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Markets could be local. If market terminal is in the docks of UC then the goods sold there are stored in that market terminal.
But you can buy offworld or offterritory by paying the shipment fee that varies depending on the distance between the seller terminal and the buyer terminal.
Also you would be able to hack a market (very slow process perhaps multiple steps required and animation to reveal when someone is trying to crack the safe) to empty it of its goods, you would only be able of getting for free the goods stored in that market terminal, not the ones offworld.
This creates the need for watching the market terminals to avoid unwanted hacks, although in war time, contested territories would be ripped clean by invaders/defenders creating the need for those selling in those worlds to get rid of their goods even at discount prices.
To recover the goods placed in a market order one should head to the proper market terminal.
You could also make it so you can change prices of orders without having to go to whatever backward world you set it in.