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Here's the first pass of our flora lore that will supplement the new gathering system, which will be expanded further with the introduction of cooking and drug production.


Generic crops are (often highly genetically modified) crops that will grow in almost any terrestrial or near terrestrial environment. Many of these crops were designed by corporations to help feed the ravenous masses of the Inner Colonies that have escaped the larger farms and contaminated the local ecosystem.


When humanity spread to the stars the need to feed the colonists (and the growing population of the Inner Colonies) became an issue. Even after terraforming many Terran crops were unable to be successfully grown in anything but expensive hydroponics facilities. Under contract from the Terran Union, the PureGrowth corporation developed NuWheat as a genetically modified crop capable of open-air growth on a wide range of near terrestrial worlds. Capable of being turned into edible carbohydrates with moderate processing NuWheat is found growing on many farms and even wild almost everywhere in the Union.

Tree Potato​

A short bushy tree from New Terra that produces a tuber capable of being processed into carbohydrates. Tree potatoes are served in much the same way their Terran counterparts are, having essentially replaced the tuber in the Frontier.

Hobb’s Winterberry​

A small red citrus fruit, Hobb’s Winterberry is found in high altitudes throughout the Terran Union where it is most commonly used as a vitamin C supplement for ship crews on long hauls and as a tart sauce in high cuisine.


So-called for their dark black colour Inkberries are another PureGrowth product. These sweet, juicy berries are full of essential vitamins, though cannot be used solely as a supplement. Often seeded as part of the terraforming process they grow wild on most near terrestrial worlds.


The Qianye or Thousand-Leaf plant is one of the miracles of modern genetically altered crops. Offering a high yield per plant (though not quite the thousand leaves the marketing team promises) and capable of being cooked, eaten raw, or processed into further foodstuffs the Qianye is a staple of food on the Frontier and (in its processed form) the Inner Colonies.

Banshee Houseleek​

A segmented leafy plant of the genus sempervivum, the segments are surprisingly meaty and often are used in frontier cooking where Terran beans and other legumes would be used. During spring this plant produces a startling white flower whose perforated structure produces a loud whistle in high winds.

Golden Fairymoss​

A genetically modified Fairymoss originally intended to deter insects and other small fauna from colony sites Golden Fairymoss has the unfortunate side effects of being an extreme stimulant and mild hallucinogen. Criminal elements within the Union have seized on this and Golden Fairymoss is a key ingredient in many illicit substances.

Airpite’s Shadblow​

Drug/Damage Resistance/Hallucinogenic
Named after the explorer who discovered the bush-like tree on New Terra the fruit of the Airptie’s Shadblow is a severe hallucinogen but also contains the chemical Naproxen, an NSAID pain reliever. Many medical corporations farm Airpite’s Shadblow for chemical processing into painkillers but more nefarious growers use it for the plant's other effects.

Grey Felonwort​

Drug/Consciousness/Reduced Stamina
Related to the bittersweet nightshade from which it takes its name Grey Felonwort numbs the nerve endings. This makes the user drowsy but allows greater resistance to most modern incapacitation techniques.

Sugar Cress​

Drug/Accuracy/Reduced Resistance
A small cress like plant, Sugar Cress is a genetically modified variant of the Terran watercress. Originally modified by Avalon Enterprises as a supplement for mercenaries and military snipers the plant grows almost everywhere in the Union.


Oblurcolla Cliensis​

A type of fungus commonly called the Cliea Mushroom, Oblucolla Cliensis is often used as a meat replacement in cooking. While fairly bland tasting in its native form the fungus is very good at retaining flavourings without altering them in any way.

Chameleon Feverfew​

Drug/Health Regen/Resistance Decrease
So-called because it is notoriously difficult to spot in the grassy valleys of Cliea the Chameleon Feverfew is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Unfortunately, Chameleon Feverfew is also a blood thinner.

Spicy Morel​

A fungus native to Cliea the strong flavours of this carbohydrate remain even after heavy processing making it a popular food within the Union.

Grave Joy​

Drug/Stamina Regen/Consciousness Decrease
Commonly growing near where a creature has died. Grave Joy when processed allows users to recover their stamina more quickly. It does however leave the user more susceptible to incapacitation.


A large yellow fruit the bitter taste of the Gole is made milder when cooked making the fruit a key component in sour sauces on the Frontier.


Gethan Bloodfruit​

A dark crimson fruit that produces an excessive amount of juice. While the fruit can be eaten raw most citizens of the Terran Union experience the fruit as processed gelatinised sweets, or as a popular juice flavour.

Tián Yínténg​

Drug/Healing/Decreased Speed
The Tian Yinteng or Sweet Silvervine is a woody plant native to Getha. The plant has strong anti-inflammatory effects but has the side effect of making users drowsy and slowing their reaction times considerably.

Mountain Rantipole​

A parasitic vine that grows on many trees in the Gethan forests the leaves of the Mountain Rantipole require minimal processing to produce a surprisingly nutritious vegetable supplement.

Klilyon’s Violet​

A small violet flower that is only found in the valleys of Getha. Klilyon’s Violet when crushed produces a potent psychoactive substance which some have found allows them to have more mastery of shards and other psionic equipment.

Shadow Haldi​

Drug/Psi/Regen Slower
A tuber found only in the caves of Getha the Shadow Haldi greatly increases the psionic potential of anyone who consumes it with only minimal side effects.
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Very nice inclusion team. Will the crops across the different colonies have a daily gathering limit similar to the mining and mineral system? and will the crops used in illicit drug manufacturing have a set penalty point value?