Nothing personal m8 im just BUILT

Jan 11, 2019
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Evilidot A.K.A Jason Winfree here.

Wow, the day has come... Glad to see FoM is still alive and the excitement for Mankind Reborn is huge.
Lets wash all the bad blood between everyone away because lets face it, it was nothing personal m8 and let us pour more blood from our future enemies all over the new beautiful worlds! mwahahaha.. for those of who dont know me or may not remember. i started in about 08 in FDC climbing my way through the ranks of the skilled fighters joing FDM shortly after leaving FDC to join Elite Squad in MoTB aswell as Built and Nothing personal afterwards, i honestly cant wait to get back in the action and regroup with many old friends and old enemies to form new alliances. AMAZING job with the game so far bioxide and the rest of the development team! the game looks beautiful and i like the new additions like the vehicle and grenade launcher! The GL will for sure change the war battles forever! no more firing lines!! Wheres all the Fombat gods? boom? clee? kenny davis? alexander? i know theres many more! I apologize i dont remember alot lol


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Jun 1, 2017
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Glad to see you aboard the hype train and love the new additions we have made to Mankind Reborn. Hop on our Discord! The link's in the top navigation bar. :D


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Jun 10, 2017
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Who are you?

jk, Nice to BELT u m9