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Mar 3, 2019
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I guess I'll say hello as an old BoS

Loco Kramhirlochyon here, I'm sure if you're an old player you bought drugs off me at some point. Always an honest deal was my game. I'd like to share my favourite FoM time. So good old DMC was on lockdown due to "outside interference" but I got a message from a "valued customer" so you know I go on to DMC as I wasn't aware of the current lockdown. I was greeted by several noobs pointing guns in my face asking why I was there and telling me I had to leave...until someone from HC came along said it was OK and guided me through the ranks of noobs wondering why I got a free pass. So my FDC customer and myself go to my personal apartment which I had decorated with copious amounts of Biph. We concluded our deal and went back to DMC where I had guns pointed in my face again when my HC buddy said to lower them...unbeknown to me there was a raid planned...right about the time I left my apartment. I got shot a few times on my frantic sprint back to my apartment. Got it all cleared up with HC and got to leave alive but had a chat with some of the lower ranks and got some new customers along the way.

16 year old me thought it was awesome...30 year old me thinks it sounds too much like a brag

Not the most exciting story I have from FoM but one of my favourites even if it's not believable

Joshua Jones


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Jul 10, 2018
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Drugs you say :rok:



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Feb 28, 2018
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Any biph mate? Running low on stamina