Ownership Claim of the Bar on Dev update#13

David Martins


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Jun 18, 2017
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So yeah after checking the new dev update i've decided to claim full ownership of the bar/nightclub that's show in the pictures.

I actually at the start of hearing MR getting serious and how you can RP as almost anything with all of its features, decided i wanted to own my own bar/nightclub.

I'm now hiring employees for the future when MR launches.

You feel strong enough to be a bouncer? Feel good enough about your looks to be a "dancer". Know you can serve a swill as a bartender? Or if you have a special talent to show for my "Special Guest Sundays".

PM me.




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Jun 1, 2017
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I'd like to add to the thread that it will be likely that we'll have some sort of territory/colony ownership available in the upcoming playtest, which means this club will be up for grabs, the owner will likely be able to adjust the shield door settings and other cool things I got planned for interaction, I'm looking at Deux Ex levels of interaction with the environment, even if it's just turning lights on/off, switching tracks, etc.
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