Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1098

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Jun 1, 2017
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Hello Citizens,

We are currently in the first phase of our playtest in which we are granting the community access to the game to test load balancing. Once we can ensure the game's stability, we'll be shifting over to the second phase of the playtest in which we will clear all data and run an economy focused playtest. We are aware of the fact most players despise the grind, but it helps us out immensely in terms of being able to balance and secure a stable release. How long the second phase will remain is still undetermined, but we would like to extend it to a month— the length will solely depend on our server hamsters' endurance and whether or not they can be resuscitated if need be.

The team would like to thank everyone for participating!

If you haven't jumped into the playtest yet, here's how!
- Register on
- If you've donated before, make sure to use the same email so we can upgrade you to the correct tier
(We have to manually upgrade you, so please be patient)
- If you're in the $35+ tier and above, you'll be given access to the game
(You'll have access throughout all alpha/beta)
- The steam key will be available in the dashboard, as well as the discord role upgrade
- Download the game through Steam and login with the same website account
(Make sure you've logged off the website as they run off the same backend)


  • Fixed server crash related to explosives and AI
  • Fixed server crash related to local chat
  • Fixed issue with being able to withdraw negative items using the Item Quantity widget
  • Added stagger stat to weapons and did a first pass adjustment to semi/auto weapons (Auto weapons have less stagger now while semi weapons deal the same stagger, will be doing another pass soon as we gather more data)
  • Increased stagger delay to 1.5 from 1.0 secs, you should get staggered less now
  • Additional tweaks to data saving while death to prevent inventory/storage issues
  • Lowered auto magazine sizes to 60 from 100,
  • Lowered Energy Pistol magazine size from 75 to 45
  • Optimized some character server-side code to reduce bandwidth consumption (Aim offsets, characters should look a bit laggier when looking up or down, but it's been greatly optimized on the server side)
  • Re-introduced camera zoom in/out using the mouse wheel
  • Added a message of the day upon initial login, will be retrieving the message from the server soon™, instead of being pre-set in the engine
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