Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1138 -> 0.1152

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Here is a compilation of the most recent patch notes starting from Patch 0.1138 until 0.1152 for those who aren't keeping track of these on our official Discord server. :)

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1138
- Fixed client crash when going to the main menu
- Fixed client crash related to holstering weapon
- Fixed client crash related to melee damage animation trigger
- Implemented another fix related to storage issues after analyzing player logs, this should be it
- Did more tweaks to weapons, was quite a few to remember, mainly tweaking autos and more differences between ballistic and energy on some rifles
- Increased jump height
- Added some log checks to see what's causing a jump to not work after spamming the jump input

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1140
- Fixed exit back to main menu bug
- Decreased equipment durability damage by 50%, all items have same durability damage right now and we're trying to find a sweet spot for the default, this will be tweaked more frequently (The higher the weapon damage, the higher the durability damage received)
- Fixed a client crash when checking IsCharacterAlive, probably hitting keys during the loading process
- Fixed a client crash related to animation trigger
- Fixed a server crash issue
- Tweaks to character movement networking

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1144
-Built a new networked movement system for player characters, this completely eliminates all rubberbanding and heavily improves the server performance (This is the first iteration and it might have bugs or produce unwanted results)
- Added a lag check on double clicking item slots, this should hopefully prevent messing items up by constantly spamming them with double click
- Fixed a client crash related to psi use animation notify
- Fixed a client crash related to pressing secondary fire while deploying an egg
- Updated player animation rates to be more consistent with the speed he's currently at
- Reduced nade launcher bounciness and reduced timer to 3.0 from 4.0
- Removed Ballistic/Energy medium armor (Least used armors by data)
- Tweaked most armor sets a bit

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1145
- Fixed all possible issues related to player server location mismatch

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1152
- Fixed crash related to spamming inputs while loading into a world
- Pressing ESC should close inventory now instead of jumping straight into the options menu
- Fixed an issue with players that leave the game during loading have their characters stay in the world invisible till restart
- Fixed some issues with character re-creation, it should delete your name properly and place you in the correct faction
- Added a sequence to the login procedure, if the world you're trying to connect is offline it will send you to cloning
- Fixed an issue with consumable items still being tagged as action bar slot items when dropped on death and caused issues when consumed
- Tweaked the new movement to make it much smoother on other clients
- Fixed a visual issue that replaces bio-energy resistance with stamina resistance
- Replaced the old AI movement with a system similar to the character one, this should make AI a bit more lightweight
- Fixed being able to have duplicate items in the action bar consumable slots
- Fixed an issue with dropping items not taking the correct forward facing direction
- Fixed an issue with grenades not taking the correct forward faction direction
- Fixed a naming issue with the T1 Ballistic Semi-Auto Rifle
- Did an additional tweak to prevent data loss when going back to the main menu
- Fixed some ammo merging issues - Fixed some merging issues with action bar items which caused ghost items
- Fixed an issue with item merging in containers that caused ghost items
- Fixed an issue with an additional item copy being created during the transfer that never got cleaned up
- Added a new general/balanced low tier armor
- Union City - Lower overhauled

You can still join in the Pre-Alpha playtest by donating at least 35 dollars or more. In return, you will receive a Steam key which you can use to gain instant access!
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