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Jun 7, 2017
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  • Implemented the base framework of the crime system, players now have a crime status tag that increases/decreases depending on your PP and this will have an effect on gameplay, getting arrested will tag you as a prisoner, escaping prison will tag you as a fugitive, etc.
  • Implemented a server side config illegal item list and other crime settings that we can adjust on the fly, we can modify what item is illegal, under what category/schedule and the PP it gives if caught, this can be updated and refreshed in-game after a server restart, players can decide what item becomes illegal and once approved, it can go live the next day.
  • CPC can assign PP when scanning a player depending on how much illegal items are in the player's inventory. Prison support is also implemented, if arrested the player will be sent to Ceres and all items will be confiscated (Temporarily sent to the Ceres storage, later we will have other ways to deal with confiscation, such as illegal item insurances)
  • Replaced ballistic/energy light/heavy armor sets with new models that support coloring
  • Replaced all ballistic semi auto with new models
  • Replaced all ballistic auto with new models
  • Replaced T1 energy auto with a new model
  • Replaced all item icons with new ones
  • Replaced psi glove with a new model
  • Implemented the wearables system that replaces the old way of wearing items on the player, this was a complete refactoring and huge task, this new system allows all sorts of flexibility when it comes to clothing, armor, weapons, implants, etc, and makes the process of making new wearable items a lot quicker and efficient compared to the old method, plus allows modding, you'll see some weapons with scopes, those were added with the wearable system
  • Implemented usable implants, Bionic Barrier (adjustable resistances), Resistance Amp (passive healing), Stamina Amp (increased speed and stamina regen), Darksight (thermal and night vision), Spotter's Scope (allows zooming in and identifying players within 200m), Optical Perception Scanner (allows scanning/frisking players, only CPC can penalize players with illegal items), Combat Enhancement Link (doesn't do anything atm, still pending)
  • Added bio-cells to regenerate bio-energy
  • Can install augmentations (implants) at medical terminals for a fee, will support nano augmentations in the near future
  • Replaced health regen on consumables for healing efficiency, this will boost the healing rate of consumables by the % displayed
  • Added visual effect on player when healing above natural healing rate, this serves as a visual cue to know when a player is healing
  • Added the MDS Partisan, a ballistic sniper rifle, fires faster than the energy sniper rifle
  • Increased sniper weapon ranges
  • Adjusted damage dropoff formula, all weapons deal more damage after their max range all the way to 200m
  • Can now swap equipment without having to unequip it first
  • Reintroduced alarm chance in hacking, it starts at the 4th try and increases by 0.25% every failed chance
  • Reduced C4 damage to 7000 and disabled explosive deployable damage multiplier, want to do some tests regarding destroying territory equipment, will likely require adjusting the C4 recipe later
  • Tweaked alien UC drops and contracts, removed drones from Aurora
  • Added DLSS support, only available through config files at the moment
  • Upgraded to unreal engine 4.26
  • Added Union City - Industrial, it's still a work in progress and not available through the quantum gate network, but given a ticket you can travel there
  • Lots and lots of refactoring, cleanup, bug fixes, and organization, I forgot most of these and were a byproduct of the other features
  • Fixed some framerate issues with cone of fire and adjusted the formula so it's not as intense on certain weapons
  • Possible fix for no control input when vorting into an area with large player counts
  • Possible fix for big lag spikes when vorting into an area with large player counts, it will also introduce artificial delay depending on your ping
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