Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1865


Swiss Army Knife

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Jun 7, 2017
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  • Increased healing effectiveness on burger to 10% and meth to 15%
  • Increase resamp healing to 0.8%
  • Added Union City - Industrial to the starmap, NOTE: This world is still a work in progress and is not considered gameplay ready, it doesn't have terminals apart from some storage, medical and quantum gates, there will be bugs, performance issues and likely to get stuck in certain spots. You are free to explore what's available at the moment.
  • Possible fix for skin/eye materials not showing on players
  • Fixed missing materials on stamina amp and eye scanner
  • Fixed server crash when using med terminal in cloning
  • Fixed incorrect recoil/spread on certain consumables, normalized both spread/recoil values
  • Fixed balaclava incorrect wearable
  • Fixed implant related crashes
  • Fixed an issue with resetting crime status such as fugitive/prisoner by applying pp
  • Fixed an issue with shield implant playing disable sound on disconnect
  • Fixed decals applying to player wearables
  • Cliea is now back online :wtf: