Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1886


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Jun 1, 2017
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  • Changed res amp healing to 1%, bioenergy drain to 0.9%
  • Adjusted coal in ammo and explosive recipes, should be used more
  • Reverted carbon back to T1 raw material, can mine in UC/Ceres, will still show some white icons randomly in mining terminal but it should work
  • Increased mining and production expiration to 15 IRL days, this is the time it will stay in the terminal after it has finished
  • Increased market listing time to 15 IRL days/60 ig days
  • Some window UI modifications
  • All psi modules now have a 0.6 attack speed
  • Added a psi healing beam
  • Items now show their illegal category in the tooltip, this is specific to each faction, some items will be illegal to certain factions, will be releasing the official first illegal item list soon™️
  • Replaced old melee weapon icons with new ones
  • Increased baton/machete attack speed to 1x
  • Additional fixes and improvements to UC Industrial
  • Fixed a bug with psi attacks that locked the player in that animation pose
  • Fixed an issue with recently added weapons not displaying ammo types in the tooltip
  • Fixed server crash when a piece of equipment got destroyed due to durability
  • Fixed server crash when removing wearable on EndPlay
  • Fixed a crash when dying with healing screen active
  • Fixed a server crash related to cached world data being nuked by the GC
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the scan UI from showing if the player didn't have items
  • Possible fixes for the market issues