Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1890


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Jun 1, 2017
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  • Implants now don't decrease durability on damage
  • Daily welfare has been added, if you login everyday you'll receive 10k UC, it will be paid out during the server restart
  • Flipped T1/T3 auto rifles spread values, T1 should have T3 spread
  • Decreased auto rifles firing speed
  • Adjusted augmentation install/uninstall fees, 5% to install, 10% to uninstall
  • Adjusted stamina amp speed to 5% and increased stam regen to 2%
  • Rewrote a large portion of the contract system, reducing network payload and offering more flexibility
  • All eco contracts will now return the items upon contract completion, this change should indirectly affect eco contract income, allowing players to keep their items, only when completing the contract
  • Production contracts are back
  • Adjusted combat contract income, increased by around 1.5x or so
  • Adjusted ghosting code to lessen the chances of false flags, will also print out some networking information in the status message UI to see the reason why you were booted
  • Did some economy adjustments, most deployables are cheaper and other misc things that I forgot loololol
  • All psi modules have new icons and 3d models
  • Removed cloning doors temporarily
  • Fixed healing beam icon and name
  • Possible fix for some storage transfer errors
  • Possible fix for the carbon white square in the mining terminals
  • Fixed a crash when trying to hide a player's hair due to missing materials
  • Fixed a server crash that was caused by the healing screen effect being played on the server
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open an external window during an interaction
  • Fixed a crash when a player got destroyed with a chat message above
  • Fixed a crash related to equipment wearables, more of the same we've had before due to network race condition
  • Fixed balaclava LODs that were causing it to clip through the player's head
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