Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1895 & Patch 0.1898


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Jun 1, 2017
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Patch 0.1895
  • Implemented deployable containers, Hidden Stash, Cooler, Garbage Bin, Barrel, Personal Locker(Only the owner can use it) and Faction Locker(Only factions can use them, but can adjust security settings to open them to other players), lockers can't be hacked and have to be destroyed in order to steal the items, once a deployable container is destroyed, it's converted into a loot container, which doesn't persist a server save and will be cleaned up
  • Economy adjustments, 50% faster mining and production, 50% cheaper pmods
  • Welfare fixed and adjusted to 15k UC
  • Added caoutchouc and carbon to Aurora mining
  • Added FX when using quantum gates and spawning in nodes
  • Can now scrap pmod items in workbench for half the production cost
  • Reverted auto rifle rofs, reduced range on all of them by 20%
  • Rebaked Ceres, Cliea and Mars lighting, should have better performance now with shadows
  • Added a new eyes clothing item, DEGlasses
  • Lowered territory upkeep to 2% per day instead of 10%
  • Possible fix for overhead chat not cleaning up properly
  • Fixed orbit camera locking the interaction widget
  • Fixed travel terminal not showing raw material and world service tooltips
  • Fixed a crash related to shield FX on clients
  • Fixed some broken injector contracts
  • Possible fix for the market issues
  • Possible fix for eco contracts giving pmods instead of the actual items
  • Possible fix for broken territory controller lockdown cycles
  • Fixed another crash related to wearable owner race condition
  • Fixed an issue with territory controller widget not closing its sub-widgets properly
Patch 0.1898
  • Tweaked flamethrower, now deals true damage (Armor doesn't do anything against it)
  • Tweaked med pistol, slower fire rate
  • Tweaked melee weapons, slightly bigger melee radius, longer range, now deal true damage
  • Adjusted base psi energy regen and psi energy consumables, base regen is much lower
  • Improved deployable lights
  • Fixed a bug that allowed healing weapons to deal damage to turrets
  • Fixed a bug that allowed healing weapons to deal equipment damage
  • Possible fix for faction locker security level settings
  • Fixed admin invis mode not hiding wearables properly
  • Possible fix for initial vort not hiding face/eye items when using a full helmet
  • Possible fix for fuzzy cliea clouds
  • Fixed DEGlasses materials
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