Pre-Alpha Patch 0.1914 & 0.1920


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Jun 1, 2017
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  • Name changes have been disabled, you can only change your name when you first create your character, after that you'll have to send a support ticket to change your name with a valid reason, even then there will be a limit on name changing
  • Can keep your faction and rank during recreating your character as long as you select the previous faction you were in
  • Added a way to move the camera in character creation so you can see the clothing
  • More industrial overhauls, lots of detailing and lighting
  • Deployable turrets are now available, these are rather expensive to produce (around the same of a territory controller), can only be placed in owning territories and run off fuel cells, you can adjust the players and factions to exclude from targeting, can also switch the targeting from defensive (same behavior as current turrets) to attack on sight (attacks anyone not in the whitelists, but range and fire rate are reduced by 100%)
  • Reworked the item placement/deployable math, they auto-align to whichever surface they're placed at and created new rules for items that can be placed in ceilings/walls, you might notice some gimbal locking/broken rotations if you rotate placements on walls
  • Replaced Carbon for Water in Aurora
  • Implemented locational damage, body parts now have damage multipliers, head 1.5x, torso 1.0x, shoulders 1.0x, arms 0.75x, legs 0.75x, hands 0.5x, armor values still work the same as before (no locational protection yet, soontm)
  • Tweaked C4, increased fuse time to 5min, decreased damage, slightly increased health, adjusted pmod to be cheaper, requires 3 C4 to destroy TC
  • Reduced melee radius
  • Reverted back to DirectX11, performance should be better all around
  • Changed all terminal task costs rounding formulas
  • Fixed a bug with UC items and containers that kept reducing item count and weight
  • Fixed character creation clothing masks
  • Possible fix for certain deployables preventing interaction due to previous user not being cleaned up properly
  • Fixed being able to submit contract with items that have a decay higher than 1.0x
  • Possible fix for being able to add items to storage from transfer when storage is full
  • Fixed certain contracts giving out wrong item refunds
  • Fixed sofa 1 mid showing sofa 1 end deployable
  • Fixed scan ui not showing when failing to penalize a player due to the cooldown timer
  • Fixed consumables not removing stats properly when expired
  • Possible fix for healing fx not cleaning up properly
  • Fixed T2 GA helmet not showing face wearables
  • Possible fix for initial vort not hiding certain wearables
  • Fixed flamethrower/mining heat bar still showing when removing the weapons
  • Possible fix for overhead chat not cleaning up properly
  • Possible fix for white squares showing up due to texture streaming memory
  • Fixed Mars lighting issues
  • Possible fix for territory cycles getting messed up due to invalid dates
  • Fixed psi modules not being illegal


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Jun 7, 2017
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Patch 0.1920

- More industrial tweaks
- Added more logs to figure out why equipment slot dragging breaks in packaged build
- Fixed quantum gate entry FX not playing
- Fixed energy sniper contract turn in, was using old name
- Fixed not being able to deploy items
- Fixed turret detection radius showing
- Fixed female shield implant offset